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July 26, 2019

 Facebook, We Have a Problem 

What was once the star of social media is slowly dimming, and it knows it. It was revealed this week that Facebook has been closely watching its own decline and conducting its own investigation into the cause and (hopefully) solution. Unsurprisingly, the internal report revealed users prefer Instagram and WhatsApp, which is a bit ironic considering Facebook owns both (*sigh* you really are your own worst enemy sometimes). This doesn’t mean you should abandon the channel just yet. Forge ahead with your FB marketing efforts, but keep a close eye on platform engagement levels and be ready to pivot and adjust as necessary. 

 Good Ads Come in Small Packages

Speaking of Facebook, its ad format is getting an extreme makeover. FB is condensing its News Feed ads to more closely match the look and feel of the updated News Feed design introduced earlier this year. While the changes are relatively small, they will have a big impact on how ads look. With only three lines of primary text and a smaller media height, brands will have to be more creative in order to catch — and retain — the attention of their target audience. Now, more than ever, it’s important to master the art of the short and sweet when creating copy and visuals to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

 I’d Like to Thank LinkedIn ...

Now that Instagram is testing getting rid of the ‘like’ feature, influencers are in a panic. “How can I measure engagement? What if brands don’t want to work with me anymore? Where will I promote my skinny tea?” Worry not — with LinkedIn's recent shift to video, brands and influencers are discovering new ways to share and engage on this professional platform.

Not an influencer? LinkedIn has also rolled out new features that make (Premium) freelancers and SMBs more discoverable to target audiences. This is the perfect opportunity for smaller companies and thought leaders to get noticed for their expertise. Simply click “Add Services” and viola! You’ll show up in the services search results and watch the content requests roll in.

  Engineers — They’re Just Like Us!

Do you ever wonder what an engineer’s day-to-day looks like? Well, you can head to General Electric’s social media to find out. GE loves spotlighting its employees and a good Instagram takeover, and this week it was at it again with a four-day employee takeover from #GEResearch to give the world a window into the human side of the manufacturing giant. Each engineer is featured in GE feeds across platforms, as well as a series of “day-in-the-life” IG stories. This behind-the-scenes peek into the labs, gadgets, and doodads offers great content and connects a face to the brand across channels.

GE’s employee takeover goes to show that you don’t need an influencer to humanize your brand. A behind-the-scenes look into just about anything can draw engagement with the right audience. Combine that with the personalized perspective of employees and you’ve got the secret sauce to engage with your audience. All brands — regardless of industry — should look for the right opportunity to give this type of takeover a try.
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