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May 31, 2019

The Fakers Gonna Fake, Fake, Fake, Fake, Fake 

Facebook has taken a leaf from Taylor Swift’s book and is shaking off all the fakers. Or at least a couple billion of them. In its recent Transparency Report, the platform revealed that it removed more than 2 billion fake accounts in Q1 alone — or almost the same amount of its 2.38 billion Monthly Active Users (MAU). Although Facebook claims only 5% of MAU are fraudulent, it also recognizes the number may concern marketers. FB promised to continue delivering returns on ads by sifting out the posers — even though there will always be millions of them. So, just think, while you've been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats in the world … at least you don’t know as many as Facebook.

 B(ad) Behavior = No More Cookies 

You know, the creepy internet kind that help serve up ads that are just a little too relevant. Well, a recent study has found that all the money spent on behaviorally targeted ads really isn't worth it. While advertisers are willing to pay more than double for such ads, publishers are only receiving about 4% more revenue compared to ads that aren’t cookie enabled. Since those who defend the practice frequently point to its supposedly huge value, this new data (that squashes that defense) will likely have major implications on the future of behavioral ad targeting and the privacy legislation that governs it. We’re just saying — if bad behavior means no dessert, then targeting behavior may mean no more cookies.  

 Speaking of Targeting ...

Despite the findings relayed above, LinkedIn continues to make moves to improve its ad-targeting capabilities. After partnering with Adobe earlier this year, the company has now acquired Drawbridge as it continues to prove it’s more than a professional networking site. Drawbridge’s machine-learning technology will help marketers better reach their audiences through more detailed personas. LinkedIn is home to tons of data (i.e. ad-targeting opportunities). With 600 million members (and all their education and career histories) to potentially reach, it's definitely a place marketers can't afford to ignore.

Making Strides in Celebrating Pride 

Life is better in June — the air is warm, the sun is out (or at least that’s the rumor here in Chicago), and everything is a little more colorful. Each year Pride Month gets bigger and brighter as more and more brands look for ways to participate in the celebration of equality. From beer bottles and coffee cups to toys and jewelry, brands are adding splashes of rainbow to a variety of products to support LGBTQ causes. 

Of course, not everyone sells merchandise. But there are plenty of ways to engage in the Pride conversation. Easiest of all? Social media. Last year, Instagram rolled out multiple rainbow features for Stories, like multi-colored mentions and locations. This year, it’s adding a rainbow ring around Stories that use Pride-related hashtags to help them stand out at the top of the feed. Pinterest also recently released key hashtags for June and will use rainbow text for Pride-related searches. For brands that may be new to the conversation, using these features is a great way to start getting involved and become a part of the larger story of support, inclusiveness, and discussion.
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