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June 28, 2019

 Ravioli Ravioli, Give Me the Formuoli 

Newsfeed algorithms can be as mysterious as the infamous Krabby Patty secret formula, but this week LinkedIn shed some light on the situation with insights on its latest algorithm upgrade. After realizing its newsfeed disproportionately favored top LinkedIn users, the site reworked its ranking system to boost posts from everyday members. LinkedIn hopes the update will spur more activity and engagement on the platform. The site also shared a few tips for success: find your niche, utilize relevant hashtags, and post content that encourages responses. While LinkedIn has yet to reveal the magic recipe for the perfect post, it’s safe to say we’re closer to finding it than Plankton ever was. 

 Listen up, Y’all ‘Cause This Is It

If you’re not already listening — tracking trends, updates, and conversations in your industry — you should be. And the good news is Twitter is testing a feature that may make it even easier. The potential update makes Twitter lists more accessible in mobile via a simple swipe over from the home menu (see it in action here). Lists are a great feature for users and brands to curate multiple custom feeds to follow industry hashtags, competitors, niche-specific topics, and more. Will lists' new place in the world inspire higher usage? You'll just have to keep your ears open.

 All up in (Google) My Business

Let’s face it: Google+ was a #fail, but Google isn’t going anywhere. Instead, it’s (slowly, but surely) getting back in the social game with the expansion of Google My Business (the business profiles that appear in the search engine's results). New features like welcome offers and additional visuals (from cover photos, to larger logos, and photo displays), give business profiles an increasingly social feel. These updates provide a new avenue for companies to expand their branding and establish a stand-out presence. And with Google responsible for most internet traffic, it would behoove brands to jump on the Google My Business b(r)andwagon. 

Root, Root, Root for the Home Tweet

When it comes to social media presence, not all celebrities are created equal. Reality stars? Born for Instagram. Professional athletes? Maybe not so much. So, Major League Baseball took matters into its own hands. Through a partnership with Greenfly, a content management app, the MLB social media team is creating tons of content (i.e. GIFs, cartoons, video highlights) for athletes to share on their personal accounts. MLB’s goal is to boost players’ social outreach, increase engagement with fans, and bring more followers to the industry as a whole. 

Employee advocacy is a tricky tactic. It has to feel genuine (not forced!) to succeed — and it looks like the MLB is doing it right. So far, participating athletes from across the league show 50% more engagement and an average increase of 20% more followers. By providing athletes a wealth of content to work with (and even creating content when requested) players can share what they want, when they want. And while they aren’t directly promoting MLB, their growing presence helps bolster professional baseball as a whole. For brands looking to create some employee advocacy, MLB proves the combination of appropriate tools and the freedom to be authentic can be a home run. 
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