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July 12, 2019

 I’m Rubber, You’re Glue

Bullying is a tough topic to tackle — we know, we watch Big Little Lies — but it's a big issue online. To help, Instagram is testing AI-powered features that will lessen the impact of cyberbullying on its platform. Comment detection will flag harmful language and trigger an alert that asks users if they reeeally want to continue. IG is also testing a “restricted” mode that lets users hide comments from specific accounts without notifying them they’ve been limited. Both updates are strong steps in the right direction to make Instagram a safer place for users, but if/when they become available to brands, marketers should be conscious of how often they hide negative comments (as defense against the occasional troll). Overdoing it could minimize transparency. And if there’s anything else we’ve learned from BLL, it’s that a little lack of transparency can lead to some big problems.

 Calling all Creators

Content creators are a hot commodity, and every social network is vying for their attention. Facebook’s latest attempt to draw them in includes several features and updates that give creators more control over content monetization. Updates to both the Creator Studio and Brand Collabs Manager let creators more easily track their content analytics, audience, and earnings across Facebook, Instagram, and IGTV. For brands who collaborate with creators, the updated monetization tools make FB increasingly competitive with the more traditional influencer platforms, like YouTube and Insta — potentially providing bigger paychecks for creators and an even wider audience reach for brands.


Somebody pinch us — Instagram engagements (not the wedding kind) are in decline. According to a report from Trust Insights, brand and influencer engagement on Instagram has been steadily dropping since the start of 2019, with a sharper decline in early May. While there isn't cause to panic over the report (yet), it's a good reminder for marketers to consider how to best reach their audiences on IG as the platform grows more saturated. (Hint: sharing feed posts in Stories is a great tactic to garner more attention.) But if the trend follows in the footsteps of business engagement on Facebook, where organic reach is extremely tough to achieve, brands should also be prepared to implement a paid approach if they want to hear those notification bells ring. 

  Budweiser Turns Bandwagon Fans Into Full-Time Stans

Like most of our fellow Americans, after that epic 2019 Women’s World Cup final, we officially stan the United States Women’s National Team. From their poise on the pitch to their bravery in breaking the glass ceiling, these soccer stars are worthy of year-round attention — and that’s just what the #WontStopWatching social media campaign by Budweiser calls for. In addition to the hashtag call to action, Budweiser created a video that encourages World Cup viewers to become full-time supporters of women's soccer and continue to cheer for the athletes when they’re on home turf as well as a world stage. 

Budweiser (an official sponsor of the USWNT) was all over Twitter during the tournament. It retweeted individual athletes and the USWNT account, applauded the team for their wins, and shared plenty of Megan Rapinoe gifs

In a solid timing play, Budweiser introduced the #WontStopWatching campaign during the final game to keep the excitement going beyond the final whistle. Major tournaments and events are exciting for everyone — athletes, fans, and brands alike— but it’s easy to forget what happened on the field after trophies are handed out. Budweiser found a way to capitalize on the victory and inspire its audience to make it last (and got a humble brand brag in as a bonus). By connecting a tournament (or any major industry event) to the what-comes-next, marketers can extend the longevity of their campaigns to take home the gold. 
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