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May 24, 2019

 The Power of Stories

No matter what you thought about the Game of Thrones finale, the episode has a point: There’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good story. As recent updates to Instagram and Facebook Stories show, social media seems to agree. First, IG is testing individual links for stories so they’ll be easier to share beyond the platform. For brands that have yet to dive into Insta Stories, more opportunities for exposure — like newsletters, blogs, or other social platforms — may increase their appeal. Second, Facebook Stories are getting a composer makeover to give users easier access to editing and sharing features. Both moves display the platforms’ commitment to Stories — and if Tyrion Lannister’s tales can make us believe in Bran the Broken … well, app Stories can do anything. 

 Swipe for More

Whether it’s up on Stories or right on Tinder, people love to swipe. Twitter hopes our affinity for swiping translates to ads, a feature it’s testing now. The new carousel format would allow campaigns promoting app downloads to have multiple images per ad, letting brands provide more context while capitalizing on users’ side-swiping obsession. Although Twitter has tried other carousel ads in the past, none seemed to catch on with brands — but this updated, simpler version looks more promising. The feature hasn’t rolled out yet, but we have a feeling brands will swipe right on this update. 

 What's Your Favorite Favicon?

Everyone is good at something — and not so good at other things. Take Google: Really good search engine, not the best at social media. (RIP Google+.) But that hasn’t stopped the platform from trying to add social elements, as the site’s latest refresh shows. Google’s new look for search listings, first rolling out on mobile, alters the presentation of paid search ads (slightly less obvious) and adds branded icons (aka favicons) above each result. These changes not only make pages easier to scan, but offer brands another opportunity to establish themselves through personalization. For recognizing its shortcomings and building upon its skills, we applaud Google and its self-improving spirit. 

Shotgun Wedding

With wedding season fast approaching, it’s time to settle the big debates once and for all: Buffet vs. plated dinner? Band vs. DJ? Open vs. cash bar? If you like beer, that might not even be a question thanks to Busch. The self-proclaimed wedding beverage beer brand is celebrating love by offering one couple a Busch-stocked (and officiated) celebration — complete with a $25,000 prize. To enter, couples must take to social media and explain why they deserve the brew-fueled nuptials using the hashtags #BuschWeddings and #Contest.

Anheuser-Busch’s beers are pretty recognizable. Busch, Bud Light, Michelob? They’re the legacy brands we all knew and loved (and chugged) in college. But, as we get older and swap our Busch Lights for microbrews, we tend to stray from our roots. Busch’s parent company is working to fix that and rekindle customers’ connection to the brand. Busch’s campaign takes on that challenge by combining user-generated content and social media marketing with the cultural aspect of #WeddingSZN. Recreating real connections with an audience that already knows your brand can be tough, but it’s not impossible. Make your brand memorable by making it personal — and, unless it’s already the fourth one you’ve attended this year, what’s more memorable than a wedding? 
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