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April 12, 2019

 Always Imitated, Never Duplicated

Imitation may be the highest form of flattery, but Facebook and Instagram’s copycat Story features have yet to make Snapchat blush. The OG story app is taking back its ephemeral sharing invention through Stories Kit — one of the new products introduced at Snap Partner Summit. Now, third-party apps like Tinder and Houseparty can use it to directly host Snapchat Stories instead of developing their own story feature. By repositioning itself as a camera platform, Snapchat is encouraging users to take a photo on its app and share it on multiple others. This move shows Snap is confident in what it’s good at. So, rather than letting competitors continue to knock off its innovation, it's re-establishing itself as the Stories leader — which is a filter that can make any brand look good. 

 (Follower) Size Doesn’t Matter

Well, unverified eggs, Twitter’s latest update will make boosting your follower count a lot more difficult. As part of the platform shifting its focus from high popularity to high-quality engagement, Twitter has implemented a maximum of 400 follows per day. The move makes the old trick of following a thousand accounts at once, waiting for follow-backs, then mass unfollowing obsolete. Many still believe thousands of unengaged followers are better than a handful who actually care, but the overall trend of social media says otherwise as platforms become increasingly private and message oriented. Twitter’s move reinforces the adage that quality is better than quantity, and is a reminder to cherish the relationships we already have.

 Do You Agree to the Terms and Conditions?

The real question should be: “Did you even read the terms and conditions?” Ain’t nobody got time for that! But now that Facebook is updating its T&C, digital marketers might want to pencil in some reading time. Facing pressure from the European Commission (the folks responsible for GDPR), Facebook agreed to amend its terms to make it crystal clear to users exactly how their personal data will be used. These language updates are part of a larger movement to be more transparent and hold FB more accountable for data-use violations. For those collecting data from Facebook, make sure you actually read the fine print before you   “I Agree” — and, no, a quick skim doesn’t count.

He’s #ChasingtheDream and #SellingChicken

The newest KFC advocate might not be a real human, but he is Nashville Hot Chicken H-O-T. The fast-food chain’s latest marketing campaign features this virtual influencer — a cross between the original Colonel Sanders and Zac Efron, with some Justin Bieber ink. From his ironic emoji-filled bio (🇺🇸🐔📍✈️✉️ ) to his #SecretRecipeForSuccess tat, this CGI caricature embodies the best and worst qualities of notorious Instagram influencers by promoting himself as a “restaurant mogul and international inspiration” who stays #humble for his “fried chicken fam.”

Known for its over-the-top versions of The Colonel, KFC’s latest iteration is a fun play on the rise of influencers — a trend that is no joke for marketers. While a lighthearted spoof, this campaign uses legitimate influencer strategy and already has partnerships lined up with TurboTax, Old Spice, and Dr. Pepper. By making a popular social media strategy its own, KFC displays its range of social savviness and satirical sense of humor. At Coachella this weekend (the music festival that doubles as a meetup for Instagram’s biggest stars), we’ll be watching to see if real-life influencers and this chicken aficionado are birds of a feather, or if the fried chicken fam is nothing more than an Insta phase.
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