Event Report : Ruffey Lake
I don't see any trees - where on earth is control #5?
Welcome to 1st Doncaster East Scouts

It's great to see Cubs and Scouts taking part in our events. This week, 1st Doncaster East took part and most seemed to have done pretty well - getting 10-11 controls in the park.

Earlier in the week, 1st Alphington used one of our permanent courses - at Quarry Park in Clifton Hill, to run an activity on their troop night. While we do miss seeing you all on Tuesday evenings, we do note that establishing a series of permanent courses provides a valuable resource to scouting; these are courses that can be used on a day that suits a time that suits them.  Note that if there are 3-4 park-courses near a group, they can rotate through them one or two per year without repeating a course.
Our Newest Member
Our congratulations to Adventure Racing regulars, Alicia and Simon! Alicia writes....
Introducing Finley Ryan born on 15/3/21. 

He participated in his 1st orienteering/VRA event on Friday at 11 days of age at Ruffey Park Lake. Finley definitely needs some practice - 10 minutes into the event he decided to take a 20 minute toilet and snack break plus we got back a few minutes late. He can only improve from here!

So What happened to Control No. 5?
Several people reported that the map did not seem correct near control #5. As shown above, there were two triangular groups of trees. The control was placed (using Google Earth) on the Northern corner of the Eastern group of trees. 

What the Setter Saw

This is the aerial view that we use to set the course; the two groups of trees are quite visible.
The Map Provided

This is a map that was produced 5-6 years ago and we update it as time permits.

We normally check each control location - for safety - but due to a recent injury, it was not possible to visit all controls.
The Trees are Gone!
It seems that Parks Victoria were busy during the lockdown and found time to remove the two groups of trees. 

Apologies to those that were confused by this. That said, maps do change - particularly as new tracks are made.
So what is Relocation?
Relocation is the ability to "find yourself" - if you lose contact with the map (sometimes called "getting lost") and you want to navigate to the next control, you first need to work out where you are. This process is called "relocation".

How does one relocate? First, orient the map to North if you can - by using a compass or the sun. Starting from the place you last remember - say the previous control, step through what you did. If you think you know where you are, look around to see if the things around you match the map. 

If not, look for an obvious feature in the terrain and see if you can spot that on the map. Repeat the above process - if I'm there...then I should see x, y and z. If not, then maybe the feature is not the right one.

Let's apply this to Control #5 above:
  • First, the contours tell you that the control is part-way down the hill; can you see the top of the hill? If so, you could go there so you know where you are. You can't "navigate TO somewhere" if you don't know where you are now.
  • The path is an obvious feature and you should see it as you approach the top of the hill. (If you don't, you're on the wrong hill). The shape of the path helps - the curves may tell you where you are on the track. 
  • Near the path, there are other groups of trees - one has a park bench in it, the other has a bunch of rocks. If you see either of these, you have an Attack Point that is even closer to where you want to be (ie control 5).
If none of this works, you may need to abandon the course - and use a "safety bearing" to get back to the finish. There is a road to the South - you could walk South and then walk East along the road back to the finish. Alternatively, you could walk downhill to the creek and then walk East along the creek until you reach the finish.

Don't be too concerned - getting lost is simply a part of life. Navigation sports teach you what to do to recover from the situation and provide the ability to practise this skill.
The Map
Click on the map above to see a high res version
Event Feedback

Duncan and Cameron White 
- weren't able to make it last week and got confused when looking at our fixture. They inadvertently ran the Ferndale course from last week - and did quite well with a result in the middle of the field.

Eric Davidson - thanks for another fun event. I did it at 11:30 yesterday. Conditions were ideal. There was no wind, the showers had cleared, and it was still overcast when I started. The sun broke through by the time I finished. There were not many people around - a group was singing happy birthday near the start, a few dog walkers, and some earnest people clasping what could have been maps (other keen SARers?).

It is a delightful place for this sort of event. Mostly open parkland with water features, lots of contour lines, and cross-country vs path options to make route choice interesting. I only encountered one small patch of thick vegetation going from # 23 to # 24. At the same time, I had to contend with a group playing frisbee golf. It would have been quicker to have gone south from #23 and picked up the track (but less fun?).  There were a couple of convenient rock crossings that enabled me to traverse the water course safe and dry.

I was a bit complacent heading from #7 to #5 and had trouble relating what I was seeing to the map (is there really a group of "eastern trees"?). I was able to roughly relocate off the thicket with a seat to the east and the thicket with the micro amphitheatre to the south. My watch then buzzed so I must have entered the circle for #5.

Looking forward to Napier Reserve next week.

Vic Sedunary - I'm sure you have had a few comments on control 5.  I missed it when I went around.  Checked every clump of trees within coeee of the area but to no avail.  I went back afterwards and using the red dot from the "Go to start" found the centre of the circle in the grass area with not a tree within 50 m.  The two patches of trees in the area do not exist.  The group of trees with the seat in the middle are the closest trees, probably a bit over 50 m to the east.

Mike Hubbert - A lovely sunny today for the Ruffey Lake course, until halfway around when it started raining. It made getting down from #23 to the path rather slippery. I couldn't see the kink in the fence at #11 - they may have rebuilt the fence. Funnily enough the rain stopped when I got back to the car - must be those satellites watching me.

Ruffey Lake


Place Surname FirstName Dist (km) Mins Ctls No. of Controls Score
1 Rowlands Alexander 6.61 38:12 29 29 580
2 Logunov Alexander 4.92 57:12 23 23 460
3 Charlesworth Lachlan 5.19 53:49 21 21 420
4 Turner Stella 4.94 53:55 21 21 420
5 Bigelow Charlie and lily 5.91 56:26 21 21 420
6 Wallis Tom and rosie 4.56 49:37 18 18 360
7 Miller Holly 4.8 57:40 18 18 360
8 Grindlay David 3.97 55:47 15 15 300
9 Judah Roberts 4.51 61:58 14 14 280
10 Ryan Finley 3.37 63:32 13 13 260
11 Lim Ayden 3.53 52:37 11 11 220
12 Misra Kanishk 3.89 54:47 11 11 220
13 Adrian Sham 3.62 56:33 11 11 220
14 Shin Morgan 3.06 46:9 10 10 200
15 Scout Kai 3.8 52:57 10 10 200
16 Fleming Richard 0.29 3:57 1 1 20


Place Surname FirstName Dist (km) Mins Ctls No. of Controls Score
1 Coates Richard 7.31 37:45 30 30 600
2 Ashburner Dave 6.47 38:23 30 30 600
3 Wallis Jason 8.22 43:36 30 30 600
4 Le Get Susan 6.34 44:17 30 30 600
5 Bogemann Shane 6.62 47:51 30 30 600
6 Trease Merv 6.8 48:30 30 30 600
7 Coates Janine 7.01 49:52 30 30 600
8 Grimes Claire 8.6 50:14 30 30 600
9 Davidson Eric 5.78 57:19 30 30 600
10 Braithwaite Pamela 7.71 57:57 30 30 600
11 Bushby M 6.72 70:38 30 30 600
12 Rowlands David 6.67 38:34 29 29 580
13 Johnston Andrew 6.24 43:18 29 29 580
14 Brooks Lachlan 7 47:27 29 29 580
15 Brooks Guy 6.92 47:31 29 29 580
16 Buszko Elaine 6.36 58:56 23 23 460
17 Mews Pat 5.61 42:44 20 20 400
18 Mews Dennis 4.51 42:55 20 20 400
19 Joy Hannah 4.13 54:58 17 17 340


Place Surname FirstName Dist (km) Mins Ctls No. of Controls Score
1 Stephen Gordon 6.66 57:33 30 30 600
2 King Pam 6.77 86:31 30 30 600
3 Sedunary Vic 6.34 51:7 29 29 580
4 Drury Louise 5.68 51:4 28 28 560
5 Stirling Lauris 5.75 56:23 26 26 520
6 Thompson Chris 5.36 59:33 26 26 520
7 Martin Claire 5.39 60:18 23 23 460
8 MacKay Bill 5.12 60:39 22 22 440
9 Alder Harry 5.4 55:29 21 21 420
10 Alder Mel 5.62 56:7 21 21 420
11 Miller Steve 0 57:42 21 21 420
12 Wright Elton 4.92 61:14 21 21 420
13 Kazalac-Miller Sonja 4.35 57:40 18 18 360
14 Zook Garpard 4.61 58:45 18 18 360
15 Barrot Martine 5.89 61:23 18 18 360
16 Jskd Lee 3.94 60:24 17 17 340
17 Stirling Ian 3.5 57:9 13 13 260
18 Hubbert Michael 3.24 63:20 13 13 260
19 Hubbert Michael 3.24 63:20 13 13 260
MapRun Results!

The table above provides a summary of results.  For a more detailed view - click the course that interests you.
Things to try:
  • On the results display, click on the TRACK link to see the route chosen by you or others that you competed against. Can you spot the error that this runner made?
  • In the track display, you can look at an animated version of you against others. In the side panel, select one or more runners in the pulldown list. Press Load Animation, then press START. You can change the speed of the display by pressing SPEED + or SPEED -.

 --- Announcing ---

2021 Schools and Scouts Rogaine

Earlier this week, we spent several days preparing a 4 hour event for school students and scout groups. Set in the area of Linton, the course is designed as an introduction to bush navigation for novice navigators. Tracks and trails criss-cross the area, so there's no problem getting from point to point. The final 50-100m into each control will generally require a little navigation, but no big issue for anyone that knows which way up to hold a map and (perhaps) use a compass.

When   : Sunday, 2nd May 
Where  : Starting from Linton Primary School
What    : A public 6 hour event on Saturday
              Schools and Scouts on Sunday

For more information see : or get in touch by email.

We'd be grateful if you could consider coming along or perhaps pass this information to leaders, outdoor ed teachers that you might know. This is a great team building activity for groups of youngsters. There are categories available for scouts, venturers and rovers - all invited. 

In the meantime, have a look at the pictures below to see some of the control locations.
East end of a dam wall - such a pretty spot.
Superbly runnable bush terrain for those that prefer to go cross country

Next Week : Napier Park

30 controls on a 1:6000 map
Event Opens : Monday 28th March
Event Closes : Sunday 4th April

For more information
Napier Park Event Page


Park and Bush Terrain

The track network(s) that run through this area can be quite confusing. Take a compass and keep contact with the map (Google "Thumbing a Map").

Stay on paths/tracks or clear ground. 
Permanent Courses

We provide a number of permanent courses that can be used as a family or group activity. See our Permanent Courses Page for more details.

...several, specifically designed for youngsters

As the number of permanent courses continues to rise, our most recent courses have been simple, park-based courses for fledgling navigators. Simple skills like understanding map colours and symbols and orienting the map can be taught to children, but so can more advanced skills like attack points and aiming off. The addition of 1m contours allows kids to see the shape of the land - even in flatter terrain such as this. Why not run with son, daughter or grandchildren?
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