Event Report : Westerfolds Park
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Event Feedback
  • Darian - saw me after the Westerfolds Mountain Bike event. For those that don't know about this, there is a Summer 75 Series that provides an exciting bike activity in areas like this park. Darian and I both rode 17-18 km to complete the course just under 75 minutes. Darian mentioned that he had done the Scout event earlier in the week and this gave him a real advantage when he did the Orienteering event on Saturday evening. Darian also mentioned that he had seen several groups of scouts taking part in the course - and kindly provided the pictures below.
  • Steve Miller - "Thanks for the great course at Westerfolds, we combined it with a Saturday Parkrun to make a double event! 
    The location made for great bush style navigation and a Goldilocks course length. I wanted to let you know that Maprun wouldn’t upload my course unfortunately, so I have instead uploaded a GPX of my Garmin Connect data via Maprun Console".
  • Eric - A great area for this sort of event, lots of variety, and I thought the course had something for everyone. The weather was benign - mild, cloudy, 18 degrees, no wind. So, I decided to tackle the 90 min course. There were not many people in the park, and most were in the picnic areas. There was catering near the start - SmokeyBoize and Mr Whippy vans. Lots of birds were tweeting (or maybe instagramming?). A small mob of kangaroos graciously moved aside to let me through at the west end of the course. The bush was open enough to allow me to skirt around long grass and patches of thick scrub. It was a cunning idea to use the permanent marker posts. They provided confirmation that one was in the right place until MapRun buzzed - it would be particularly reassuring for novices.

    I noticed a number of unmarked minor tracks that were probably caused by mountain bikes. One of these tricked me when I went from #20 to #38. It runs NW - SE about 30 m north of #38 and joins the marked path about 30m to the W of #11.  It cost me 160 m/1m 30 s, so no big deal. I noticed a number of these made unmarked crossing of the watercourse between #4 and #17. Maybe there should be a warning on the map about unmarked tracks, similar to that usually seen on Rogaining maps.
  • Duncan and Family - Cameron counted 50 kangaroos and 9 rabbits on our trek tonight. He still can’t wait for the sausage’s to be back even after a lamb roast !!!
  • David Ashburner - "I have checked Eric's course for the last few years on routegadget, he seems to always find the shortest course. I'm using map run as a way to continue learning how to get those irritating orphan controls. I thought i had a good course but Eric pulled almost 1km of that. Todays run was using his course and so was 6-7 min faster just due to less distance.

    Thanks for the effort putting this all together, I miss the spontaneous and social part of tuesdays but have found this a different challenge that has helped me to enjoy running again after a mostly boring lockdown year".
Scouts are Back!
It's great to see so many Scout Groups getting in touch and trying out the new events. 
  • 1st Canterbury Scouts tried the course at Wattle Park. Rather than use the printed map, the group used the map on mobile phones. Al reports "About 30 scouts enjoyed the night".
  • 3rd Ringwood East will be running an activity on 10th March. We're building a map and setting a course to support them in this activity. As time permits, we will provide more courses that start at Scout Halls - these can be used by the home group...or perhaps by visitng groups for other areas.

--- Results ---

Westerfolds Park


Place Surname FirstName Dist (km) Mins Ctls No. of Controls Score
1 Bayley Buzz 10.04 64:1 37 37 740
2 Bayley Coral 9.91 64:2 36 36 720
3 Wright Corey 5.27 89:21 33 33 660


Place Surname FirstName Dist (km) Mins Ctls No. of Controls Score
1 Coates Harrison and Kirralee 7.05 65:40 30 30 600
2 Wallis Rosie 8.23 88:9 27 27 540
3 Wallis Tom 8.48 88:15 27 27 540
4 Charlesworth Lachlan 6.88 82:23 26 26 520
5 Brown Thomas 5.81 84:55 22 22 440
6 Bigelow Lily 5.41 66:47 18 18 360
7 Bhar Sunil 4.83 59:47 16 16 320
8 Bigelow Charlie 4.56 53:21 15 15 300
9 Holmes Leigh 3.62 56:20 10 10 200


Place Surname FirstName Dist (km) Mins Ctls No. of Controls Score
1 Le Get Susan 6.91 53:49 28 28 560
2 Braithwaite Pamela 6.43 54:28 23 23 460


Place Surname FirstName Dist (km) Mins Ctls No. of Controls Score
1 Miller Steve 9.84 72:31 40 40 800
2 Kozma Martin 9.85 70:18 38 38 760
3 Coates Harrison 9.35 53:47 37 37 740
4 Ashburner (Rev10) Dave 8.17 53:58 37 37 740
5 Marciulionis Andrius 10.31 60:28 37 37 740
6 Coates Kiralee 8.95 61:4 37 37 740
7 Scaddan Ray 9.24 63:0 37 37 740
8 Bayley Coral 9.85 64:33 37 37 740
9 Ashburner (Rev10) Dave 8.93 64:43 37 37 740
10 Johnston Andrew 8.86 65:13 37 37 740
11 Brooks Lachlan 9.22 68:12 37 37 740
12 Brooks Guy 8.92 68:17 37 37 740
13 Evans John 8.87 69:29 37 37 740
14 Davidson Eric 8 76:32 37 37 740
15 Coates Janine 11.26 85:21 37 37 740
16 Saunders Reg 10.68 86:2 37 37 740
17 Borrie Bill 8.68 88:10 36 36 720
18 Bogemann Shane 7.2 64:49 33 33 660
19 Parry Ian 8.87 75:35 26 26 520
20 Henley Bill 8.9 96:6 27 27 470
21 Bushby Megan 10.52 120:57 37 37 430
22 Henley Bill 7.96 89:15 20 20 400
23 Alder Harry 5.32 67:10 18 18 360
24 Alder Michael 5.75 68:7 18 18 360


Place Surname FirstName Dist (km) Mins Ctls No. of Controls Score
1 Sedunary Vic 8.94 76:20 37 37 740
2 Stephen Gordon 9.19 87:47 37 37 740
3 Stirling Lauris 7 0:0 29 29 580
4 Panter Darian 7.08 68:7 28 28 560
5 Brokner Pierre 6.82 68:15 28 28 560
6 White Duncan 8.45 82:10 28 28 560
7 Vanda Luke 7.94 88:31 28 28 560
8 Bayley Buzz 7.61 83:38 27 27 540
9 Podolak Damon 8.1 91:32 28 28 540
10 Martin Claire 6.04 78:18 26 26 520
11 Dymowski Alicia 6.36 80:27 26 26 520
12 Johnstone Greg 7.34 82:25 25 25 500
13 Johnstone Jenny 6.96 82:26 25 25 500
14 Barrot Martine 7.91 84:19 25 25 500
15 Thompson Chris 7.13 77:39 24 24 480
16 Smith Tina 5.69 78:44 24 24 480
17 Wright Elton 6.77 85:11 24 24 480
18 MacKay Bill 6.48 81:41 22 22 440
19 Mews Dennis 3.98 45:18 20 20 400
20 Mews Pat 4.7 45:38 20 20 400
21 Alder Mel 5.95 61:15 18 18 360
22 Argenti Isabella 5.33 68:28 18 18 360
23 Wilson-Argenti Anna 5.61 68:46 18 18 360
24 W Derek 4.13 55:39 17 17 340
25 A Female 4.72 61:18 16 16 320
26 Hubbert Michael 3.72 83:53 16 16 320
27 Brearley Clint 2.9 63:26 10 10 200
28 H e Anna 8.43 24:56 4 4 80
MapRun Results!

The table above provides a summary of results.  For a more detailed view - click the course that interests you. Things to try:
  • On the results display, click on the TRACK link to see the route chosen by you or others that you competed against. Can you spot the error that this runner made?
  • In the track display, you can look at an animated version of you against others. In the side panel, select one or more runners in the pulldown list. Press Load Animation, then press START. You can change the speed of the display by pressing SPEED + or SPEED -.
Scared of this New Technology?
New technologies can be intimidating and downloading, installing and using MapRun might seem a bridge too far. But worry not - there are detailed instructions on the MapRun Page on our Website and if - after this - you can't get it working, please get in touch via email and we'll provide support. 

Next Week : Jells Park

--- Great Park - with nearby kiosk and restaurant ---

30 controls on a 1:7500 map
How many can you get?

Event Opens : Monday 28 Feb
Event Closes : Sunday 7th March

For more information
See the Jells Park Event Page
Note the scoring format:

Scoring is simplified - each control is worth 20 points. Late penalties are 10 points per minute or part thereof.

Please email any pictures or anecdotes you make while running this event
We'll use them in the newsletter for the following week.
Permanent Courses

We provide a number of permanent courses that can be used as a family or group activity. See our Permanent Courses Page for more details.

These are some of the courses currently available. At the end of the current series, all of the maps used in this series will become permanent courses.

As noted above, families looking for an activity in a local park or cub packs, scout groups and guides can all use the facilities provided here.
You can find details of these in the Practise Courses page on our website. These courses are complete events that can be used by local families and youth groups for navigation training. In general, we use obvious features as checkpoints/control locations. While a Smartphone is more fun and provides an official result, you can run the course without a phone if you choose.

How does the series work?

Welcome to our 2021 series of Covid-Safe events. These events are "self-service" and will run as follows:

  • Each Sunday evening, we publish a PDF version of a map with courses to suit all levels of fitness and navigation skills. The courses provided will be score courses - with courses for Juniors, Adult Walkers, Adult Runners and Cyclists.
  • You print one or more the map(s) - on A4 paper.
  • At the same time, we'll publish the courses available on the MapRun Website - MapRun is a smartphone application that tracks you as you move around a course. The scores and track recordings provided by MapRun are very impressive (see the isogaine site for details).
  • Officially, the course will stay open for one week - you (or your mob/pack/patrol/troop or family) can take part on the day/night that suits you best. We'll publish a report and official scores on the following Sunday evening. It is our intention to leave them open to provide a permanent resource for local Scout Groups. Courses can be used by anyone at any time. 
  • There are permanent maps/courses that you can use - to check that your MapRun App is working correctly and you know how to use it. As events are run, they will become part of the library of Permanent Courses. See below. 
Suburban Adventure Racing - visit our Website

Our new website is designed to support the current series. By moving to this, we lost (temporarily) a number of resources that were previously available to Scout Groups. While we do plan to migrate this material back into the website, it may take some time. Please get in touch if you need assistance.

Click on the image below to visit the site
Urban Rogaines

During lockdown, we joined and extended many of our maps; as a result, we can now offer longer courses for those wanting more than a one hour walk/run.  We called these isoGaines.

Each isogaine provides an A3 map and 80-90 controls. While it might take around 50 km to do all controls, you don't have to do this much. 
  • Walkers/runners - get a maximum of 6 hours
  • Bike riders - get 5 hours (many riders will easily do 50 km in this time)
The isogaines and supporting material can be found at This site tells you about MapRun, the type of maps that we use and the courses available.

To get a copy of the map, download the PDF onto a USB stick and take it to Officeworks. They will print it on A3 heavier paper (say 200-220 gsm) for less than $2. Where else can you get 5-6 hours of entertainment for less than $2?
Our Event Fixture - Feb/March 2021
Proposed Location Suburb
31 Jan Blacks Walk COMPLETED
7-Feb Wattle Park COMPLETED
14-Feb Mahoneys Reserve COMPLETED
This Week Westerfolds Park Templestowe
This Week Jells Park Glen Waverley
7-Mar Somers Reserve Heatherdale
14-Mar Ferndale Park Glen Iris
21-Mar Ruffey Lake Doncaster
28-Mar Napier Reserve Glen Waverley

Scout Leaders

Even without MapRun, our maps/courses provide a valuable resource to local Scout Groups. If you are a Cub or Scout Leader, consider using Suburban Adventure Racing as an activity on your troop night.

The maps and courses are available on the web

Scouts can compare their result to our
Junior results to see how they would have done

Many of our courses are (and will be) park-based
A perfect area for youth groups to explore and run through

If you need advice/assistance to organise an event for
your mob/pack/troop, please get in touch via email

CBDGaine - a Huge Success


What an amazing turnout for this year's CBDGaine! More than 650 people took part in a Civid-Safe event that started from Flagstaff Gardens. Making maps available online several days before the event was a huge success; this beginner event is all the better for innovations such as this. 

In addition to seeing new places around Melbourne, we also got to see many of the UooUoo sculptures that are scattered around town. When we started at 8:00 am, there was nobody in the city; it was great having Melbourne to ourselves.As time progressed more people and more cars appeared, so we had to be a bit more careful.

Invite your Family and/or Friends...

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think might be interested in this activity.

Let them know they can see previous issues or 

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