Event Report : Forest Hill
Click on the map above to see a high res version
Over the last 10 years, we developed a format that became our standard - 20 controls, score courses and categories for joeys, cubs, scouts etc. While we may eventually return to this format - it won't be any time soon.

So, in the meantime, we'll try a few new ideas and/or games that will "entertain the audience". Last week was the first of these - the All you can Eat format. Of necessity, it had to be the same score for all controls - if we'd gone with our standard 2,3,4,5,6.... system it would have been much too complex. We did consider using standard rogaining approach - where the first digit of the control number gives you the relative value of the control but this would have required a little programming and we were short of time - so 20 points per control, for all controls seemed fine.

Some liked the 50 controls, some didn't - in a spirit of conciliation, we've tried to address this in this week's event at Westerfolds Park.  Some like 25, some like 50, so:
                       (25 + 50) / 2 = 37.5

As a result, this week's course at Westerfolds Park will have 37 (or 38) controls. If you have a preference for 25, 50 or some other number, please let us know by email. We love feedback, map corrections and suggested improvements. If you can think of a navigational "game" or activity that might be fun - drop us a line and we'll have a look.

Thanks to those that did provide feedback and map corrections. This map was a new one, produced during lockdown for our isoGaine events. Some of our older maps are not georeferenced or use a mapping approach that has been superseded. We plan to bring all of our maps up to the new standard in the next few months.

An Apology

Two controls were in schools grounds last week - for several reasons (including high fences, covid-safety and changes to school buildings) this was not a good idea. We will not put controls in school grounds in future. 

Event Feedback
  • Tina and Vic - thanks for the map. Vic and I have just returned from enjoying the challenge of 50 controls.  Good weather,  still muggy though. Very challenging with all controls worth the same. Great fun, thanks again
  • Bruce - several map corrections/suggestions. Bruce noted that he had previously been caught by the hidden road near control#1 - it's behind a very high fence. He was pleased to get it this time and won't be caught again in future events.
  • Eric - thought it was too hot for 90 minutes and decided to do just 60. He noted that the reserve and nearby sports grounds were packed with parents and kids doing cricket (does one do cricket or play cricket?). Like Bruce, Eric provided map corrections.
  • Bill - had some MapRun issues and eventually managed to stop MapRun when he arrived home. Bill thought 50 controls was too many - he prefers 20 or 25 controls.
  • Duncan and Family - thought the activity provided a good challenge - although the warm weather and "slow walkers" reduced their score a bit.
  • Mark Besley - was out on Monday afternoon and kindly reported an issue with the MapRun setup. There were two Rovers there....somewhat confused by the event in MapRun. Thanks Mark for calling and reporting the issue - it took us about 10 minutes to correct the problem.
So Many Cyclists

It was great to see so many people try the event by bike. I did this myself while field-checking the event and had a great time. As it was during lockdown, there were very few cars around - so I got to whizz around the streets, with controls coming up every 60-90 seconds - really exciting!

--- Results ---

Forest Hill


Place Surname FirstName Dist (km) Mins Ctls No. of Controls Score
1 Paterson Bruce 15.32 52:15 53 53 1060
2 Stephen Gordon 17.06 75:1 53 53 1060
3 Bayley Buzz 16.09 81:5 52 52 1040
4 Wright Corey 15.82 87:33 47 47 940
5 Bksj Bksj 11.42 84:58 41 41 820


Place Surname FirstName Dist (km) Mins Ctls No. of Controls Score
1 Logunov Alexander 8.3 90:24 32 32 630
2 Bigelow Lily 11.51 62:18 25 25 500
3 Bigelow Charlie 6.92 64:0 25 25 500
4 Coates Kirralee 6.25 56:37 24 24 480
5 Wallis Rosie 5.01 59:30 21 21 420
6 Wallis Tom 4.93 59:36 21 21 420


Place Surname FirstName Dist (km) Mins Ctls No. of Controls Score
1 Coates Harrison 14.5 70:39 53 53 1060
2 Johnston Andrew 14.35 81:51 53 53 1060
3 Bayley Coral 14.21 82:59 53 53 1060
4 Johnson Rachel 15.17 85:21 53 53 1060
5 Ashburner Dave 14.2 84:59 51 51 1020
6 Miller Steve 14.49 90:46 51 51 1010
7 Kozma Martin 18.66 91:40 51 51 1000
8 Coates Janine 13.27 87:22 49 49 980
9 Henley Bill 11.41 84:48 44 44 880
10 Henley Bill 14.44 108:15 53 53 870
11 Bogemann Shane 11.17 84:18 43 43 860
12 Brooks Guy 11.5 87:43 41 41 820
13 Wallis Graham 11.09 91:53 41 41 800
14 Borrie Bill 8.81 85:24 37 37 740
15 Henley Bill 15 122:28 53 53 730
16 Davidson Eric 7.49 55:57 36 36 720
17 Buszko Elaine 9.18 83:34 35 35 700
18 Alder Harry 8 70:24 32 32 640
19 Alder Michael 7.85 72:38 32 32 640
20 Panter Darian 6.86 61:59 30 30 600
21 Barnes Aiden 5.64 72:24 22 22 440


Place Surname FirstName Dist (km) Mins Ctls No. of Controls Score
1 Sedunary Vic 11.01 88:13 45 45 900
2 Barrot Martine 9.76 86:18 37 37 740
3 Stirling Lauris 9.05 84:39 36 36 720
4 Besley Mark 8.41 84:27 35 35 700
5 Griffiths Daniel 9.39 86:51 35 35 700
6 Dymowski Alicia 7.72 87:12 35 35 700
7 White Duncan 8.48 88:51 35 35 700
8 Thompson Chris 8.39 89:5 35 35 700
9 Martin Claire 8.3 91:0 33 33 650
10 Lo Presti Monica 6.7 70:52 32 32 640
11 Alder Mel 7.65 72:41 32 32 640
12 Bayley Buzz 8.7 84:24 32 32 640
13 Brokner Pierre 6.67 62:1 30 30 600
14 Smith Tina 7.13 81:15 30 30 600
15 Wright Elton 7.64 86:30 30 30 600
16 Vanda Luke 6.96 76:36 28 28 560
17 Podolak Damon 7.22 76:41 28 28 560
18 Argenti Isabella 7.57 84:40 28 28 560
19 Wilson-Argenti Anna 7.8 84:40 28 28 560
20 Morris Kevin 7.97 84:21 26 26 520
21 Stirling Ian 5.18 77:20 22 22 440
22 Hubbert Michael 4.17 80:31 20 20 400
23 Bonser Darcy 3.84 37:14 17 17 340
24 H e Anna 3.56 52:3 10 10 200
MapRun Results!

The table above provides a summary of results.  For a more detailed view - click the course that interests you. Things to try:
  • On the results display, click on the TRACK link to see the route chosen by you or others that you competed against. Can you spot the error that this runner made?
  • In the track display, you can look at an animated version of you against others. In the side panel, select one or more runners in the pulldown list. Press Load Animation, then press START. You can change the speed of the display by pressing SPEED + or SPEED -.
Scared of this New Technology?
New technologies can be intimidating and downloading, installing and using MapRun might seem a bridge too far. But worry not - there are detailed instructions on the MapRun Page on our Website and if - after this - you can't get it working, please get in touch via email and we'll provide support. 

Next Week : Westerfolds Park

--- A Covid-Safe Orienteering Buffet ---

38 controls on a 1:10,000 map
How many can you get in 90 minutes?

Event Opens : Monday 21 Feb
Event Closes : Sunday 28 Feb

For more information
Click the Event Date/Name in Coming Events
Note the scoring format:

Scoring is simplified - each control is worth 20 points. Late penalties are 10 points per minute or part thereof.

Please email any pictures or anecdotes you make while running this event
We'll use them in the newsletter for the following week.

How does the series work?

Welcome to our 2021 series of Covid-Safe events. These events are "self-service" and will run as follows:

  • Each Sunday evening, we publish a PDF version of a map with courses to suit all levels of fitness and navigation skills. The courses provided will be score courses - with courses for Juniors, Adult Walkers, Adult Runners and Cyclists.
  • You print one or more the map(s) - on A4 paper.
  • At the same time, we'll publish the courses available on the MapRun Website - MapRun is a smartphone application that tracks you as you move around a course. The scores and track recordings provided by MapRun are very impressive (see the isogaine site for details).
  • Officially, the course will stay open for one week - you (or your mob/pack/patrol/troop or family) can take part on the day/night that suits you best. We'll publish a report and official scores on the following Sunday evening. It is our intention to leave them open to provide a permanent resource for local Scout Groups. Courses can be used by anyone at any time. 
  • There are permanent maps/courses that you can use - to check that your MapRun App is working correctly and you know how to use it. As events are run, they will become part of the library of Permanent Courses. See below. 
Suburban Adventure Racing - new Website

As a temporary measure, we've put up a website that is designed to support the current series. As a result of this, we have lost (temporarily) a number of resources that were available to Scout Groups. While we do plan to migrate this material back into the website, it may take some time. Please get in touch if you need assistance.

Our new website provides all the information you need!

Things you can find on the website

How does the new series work?
What events are planned?
Novice Notes - for new chums
Practise Courses - for use any time
Introduction to Smartphone Orienteering
Permanent Courses
In addition to the weekly series, we have prepared 4 additional courses that you can use to train on or to check out/learn about MapRun.

The courses currently available include:
  • Bellbird Dell, Vermont
  • Box Hill North
  • Macleay Park, Balwyn North
  • Valley reserve, Mount Waverley
  • Quarries Park, Clifton Hill   - NEW! -
You can find details of these in the Practise Courses page on our website. These courses are complete events that can be used by local families and youth groups for navigation training. In general, we use obvious features as checkpoints/control locations. While a Smartphone is more fun and provides an official result, you can run the course without a phone if you choose.
Urban Rogaines

During lockdown, we joined and extended many of our maps; as a result, we can now offer longer courses for those wanting more than a one hour walk/run.  We called these isoGaines.

Each isogaine provides an A3 map and 80-90 controls. While it might take around 50 km to do all controls, you don't have to do this much. 
  • Walkers/runners - get a maximum of 6 hours
  • Bike riders - get 5 hours (many riders will easily do 50 km in this time)
The isogaines and supporting material can be found at This site tells you about MapRun, the type of maps that we use and the courses available.

To get a copy of the map, download the PDF onto a USB stick and take it to Officeworks. They will print it on A3 heavier paper (say 200-220 gsm) for less than $2. Where else can you get 5-6 hours of entertainment for less than $2?
Our Event Fixture - Feb/March 2021
Proposed Location Suburb
31 Jan Blacks Walk COMPLETED
7-Feb Wattle Park COMPLETED
14-Feb Mahoneys Reserve COMPLETED
This Week Westerfolds Park Templestowe
28 Feb Jells Park Glen Waverley
7-Mar Somers Reserve Heatherdale
14-Mar Ferndale Park Glen Iris
21-Mar Ruffey Lake Doncaster
28-Mar Napier Reserve Glen Waverley

Scout Leaders

Even without MapRun, our maps/courses provide a valuable resource to local Scout Groups. If you are a Cub or Scout Leader, consider using Suburban Adventure Racing as an activity on your troop night.

The maps and courses are available on the web

Scouts can compare their result to our
Junior results to see how they would have done

Many of our courses are (and will be) park-based
A perfect area for youth groups to explore and run through

If you need advice/assistance to organise an event for
your mob/pack/troop, please get in touch via email

Other Navigational Activities

For those that need more than one navigation/running fix per week,
we offer the following suggestions. 


CBD Gaine - Closing Soon!!

The CBD-Gaine (the best event of the year according to many) is scheduled for the end of February. This 4 hour event starts near the city and takes you to a series of interesting/historical locations in and around the CBD.

Entries will open soon - get in quick - numbers will be limited this year.

Watch the CBD-Gaine Home Page for more details


Virtual Rogaine - Dandenong Ranges

A permanent rogaine course that uses the map from the Dandenongs Rogaine. Ideal as a weekend activity, this challenging rogaine provides a great navigational planning exercise followed by a challenging physical activity. This event has the added advantage that you can compare your performance to the results achieved by others.

See the VRA's Virtual Rogaine Page for more information


Street Orienteering

Orienteering Victoria provide a series of one hour walks/runs right through the daylight saving period. Currently, there are events held from 6:30 - 8:00 pm on Mondays (Southern suburbs), Tuesday (Western Suburbs), Wednesday (Eastern Suburbs) and Thursday (Northern Suburbs).

For more information see StreetO Central or the OV Park and Street Page.


Invite your Family and/or Friends...

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think might be interested in this activity.

Let them know they can see previous issues or 

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