Event Report : Heatherdale
Did you run on Saturday?
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Perfect Weather - except for Saturday

How long can you tread water?  The Bureau of Meteorology had forecast intense, stormy conditions and the potential of local flooding for the afternoon! I stayed indoors and found other things to do.

Eric Davidson ran around midday and reported:
  • I did the course at 1230 on Saturday. Conditions were fine and warm with low brooding dark clouds and a light breeze. I copped a few drops of drizzle during my trot. There was a post-apocalyptic ambience - it was very quiet with few signs of people or wildlife - the occasional dog walker, a couple playing tennis, deserted playgrounds & playing fields. Perhaps they were all having lunch or were bunkered down awaiting the tempest forecast by the BOM?
  • The exception was the loud squealing from the scout hall at the start / finish (what was going on???)
Other brave souls that ventured out into the rain included:
  • David and Holly Ashburner (a hearty welcome to Holly - we haven't seen her for a while)
  • Henk de Jong
  • Harrison and Kiralee Coates - two of our faster juniors - took part on bikes this week (and beat me....but I'm willing to overlook it for this week. Just don't get too smug!).
Running in Rain is Good for you

Have you noticed that as things get warmer, your performance deteriorates?  During Winter, many of us continue to take part in events - some in the evening on Mondays and Wednesday and some on Saturday afternoon. People that take part in the evening events dress appropriately and wear headlamps (although some prefer a torch). Those who do take part often comment that they love the improved performance that cold conditions bring - the faster pace that is possible in such conditions.

The most difficult part of such events is that first step - particularly if you're indoors or under a shelter. Once you're out running, it no longer matters - it's quiet except for the sound of the rain, the streets are deserted (everybody else is indoors) and the need to concentrate more on where to put your feet means that you forget all about the stresses of daily life and focus on the job at hand. At the end of the run, you feel great!

But you have to be sensible!

There are some simple precautions and preparatory steps that you can take if poor weather is predicted:
  • Never run outdoors if thunder, lightning or electrical storms are forecast; it's just too dangerous.
  • Wear a hat, particularly if you wear glasses. The front bill shelters your eyes and glasses from the rain, so you don't have to keep wiping them.
  • Think about the fabric you're wearing; cotton acts like a sponge, soaks up water and sticks to your skin. It feels clammy and can cause chafing. Synthetic fibers don't get as wet and dry out faster.
  • Don't wear baggy clothes and consider a water-resistant running jacket. If it's not bitterly cold, consider running without a jacket - embrace the rain - I prefer this as I usually bake in a jacket and regret using it within 1-2 km of the start. 
  • Slow down, watch your balance in areas that might be slippery and pay attention to where you step.
...and afterwards
  • Don't stand around in cold, wet clothing; change your top if you can and head for home/indoors.
  • Dry your shoes thoroughly; stuff them with newspaper or kitchen towels and leave them somewhere warm I have put drenched shoes on a central-heating duct, but I suspect that's not good for them (although they do feel warm and toasty when you next put them on).

One final thought - if you, like me, put on weight during lockdown, then running in cooler or wetter conditions is one way to burn more fat; your body has to work to stay warm and your metabolic rate increases to do this. 
Our wet weather program?
Same as our normal program, but with a rain jacket

Vic and Tina - Another great event and today was a beautiful day to be out.  I have a request for some leniency for Tina and myself.  For Tina, she went through the control 14 circle and thought she heard it beep, but appears it may not have.  For me, I think you might have found the only place in Melbourne with two fire hydrants within 20 m of each other.  I took the first seen and went around it a couple of times, but forgot to look closely at the map to see that it was the one across the road. I blamed my unresponsive phone at the time but went back later to check and found the "other" hydrant which did respond.  Beg, grovel, etc {Editor's note - after merciless teasing, this request was granted}.

Something I did notice on the course today.  There was a very heavy smell of diesel fuel from the creek between 10 and 1, 28.  Tina noted the same and she said that she saw somebody checking drain outlets to try and find the cause. Also, the scouts had a working bee and were spreading out mulch around their hall site.  It was looking very spick and span by the time we left, which was after they finished.
Enjoying cold or wet conditions relies on having good gear. As I took part in this 12-13 day walk, the U.K. experienced the worst rain in more than 100 years - it rained for 9 of the 13 days (two of the other days were dense fog). In the finest Scout tradition - Be Prepared.
Eric writes - As the map looked to be straight forward with no sneaky controls, I decided to take the 60 minute challenge and happily squeaked in with a couple of minutes to spare. My main dilemmas were (a) how to avoid crossing contour lines and (b) when to link in the inner loop of controls around Simpson Park. The direct route between #1 & #28 through a patch of scrub was tempting, but I respected the signs declaring it a "revegetation area - do not enter" and stayed on the tracks. Maybe it should be marked as "out of bounds" on the map? 

Steve Miller - Well set course Geoff with a deceptively tricky central section and lots of course-setting options. Our Sheltie loved all the parks and the creek area!

Mike Hubbert - Lovely day for wandering through the parklands which is about all I did, apart from the uphill road grind from #4 to the Finish. Interestingly, #11 wouldn't beep even though I did a couple of laps of it, and at #26 there's no Park Bench (or even a Hotel) but the beep was there. If you look at my track you'll see some weird loops and excursions - I did none of those. I'm wondering whether my artificial hip is interfering with the satellites.  {If a control doesn't beep - (a) check your map to see if you are in the correct place and if so (b) move along to the next control and send an email to me}.

Shane B - Thanks for another great course.  The only problem with running in your own local area is that you don’t necessary read the map correctly, you (I) make assumptions. In my case I assumed that station 7 was in the bike park, so I had to do circle around.  I like the distance at around 8 to 9 kms, depending on your map reading.
Pay attention to the map. The control description says Fence Corner, but there are several fence corners in or near the control circle. The runner here was wise enough to just keep moving and let me know.
The runner's track shows what happened here and why the phone did not beep. See recommendation (a) in Mike Hubbert's feedback above.



Place Surname FirstName Dist (km) Mins Ctls No. of Controls Score
1 Treacy Tim 10.05 42:22 30 30 600
2 Alder Mel 9.31 43:24 30 30 600
3 Alder Michael 9.05 43:34 30 30 600
4 Coates Harrison and Kirralee 8.09 56:1 30 30 600
5 Wright Corey 9.73 57:13 30 30 600
6 Bayley Buzz 10.66 63:3 30 30 600
7 Hudson Geoff 7.02 45:1 25 25 500


Place Surname FirstName Dist (km) Mins Ctls No. of Controls Score
1 Alder Mel 6.39 77:43 25 25 500
2 Barnes Aiden 6.34 78:6 25 25 500
3 Wilson-Argenti Anna 6.04 78:52 25 25 500
4 Alder Michael 6.33 79:57 25 25 500
5 Bigelow Charlie 6.89 80:1 25 25 500
6 Bigelow Lily 6.45 81:15 25 25 500
7 Argenti Alex 6.58 81:28 25 25 500
8 Argenti Isabella 6.74 78:39 24 24 480
9 Alder Harry 3.7 48:8 12 12 240


Place Surname FirstName Dist (km) Mins Ctls No. of Controls Score
1 Ashburner Holly 7.98 36:14 30 30 600
2 Wallis Jason 8.24 37:48 30 30 600
3 Coates Richard 8.28 40:52 30 30 600
4 Ashburner Dave 7.71 44:16 30 30 600
5 Johnston Andrew 7.68 44:45 30 30 600
6 Brooks Lachlan 8.25 51:30 30 30 600
7 Brooks Guy 7.89 51:36 30 30 600
8 Le Get Susan 8.1 54:54 29 29 600
9 Davidson Eric 7.24 57:16 30 30 600
10 Miller Steve 8.53 57:31 30 30 600
11 Borrie Bill 5.76 54:40 25 25 500


Place Surname FirstName Dist (km) Mins Ctls No. of Controls Score
1 Evans John 7.87 48:6 30 30 600
2 Saunders Reg 7.7 56:53 30 30 600
3 Henley Bill 7.83 57:29 30 30 600
4 Coates Janine 8.07 58:49 30 30 600
5 Grimes Claire 8.62 58:51 30 30 600
6 Bogemann Shane 8.19 59:30 30 30 600
7 Henley Bill 8.12 63:10 30 30 600
8 Braithwaite Pamela 9.21 70:21 30 30 600
9 Bushby M 8.28 80:42 30 30 600
10 Morris Sonya 5 77:45 21 21 420


Place Surname FirstName Dist (km) Mins Ctls No. of Controls Score
1 Sedunary Vic 7.51 59:1 29 29 600
2 Trease Merv 7.93 61:26 30 30 600
3 Drury Louise 7.11 72:55 30 30 600
4 Stirling Lauris 7.59 73:15 30 30 600
5 White Duncan 8.27 83:31 30 30 600
6 Thompson Chris 7.39 81:39 29 29 580
7 Barrot Martine 7.65 76:51 28 28 560
8 MacKay Bill 7.2 84:51 28 28 560
9 King Pam 7.23 87:8 28 28 560
10 Wright Elton 7.09 79:42 27 27 540
11 Smith Tina 6.39 73:25 25 25 520
12 Dejong Henk 6.6 87:45 26 26 520
13 Morris Kevin 6.13 69:5 25 25 500
14 Trease Bev 6.15 72:42 25 25 500
15 Coulthard Liesl 9.03 102:45 30 30 470
16 Brokner Pierre 5.35 50:39 23 23 460
17 Panter Darian 5.53 51:40 23 23 460
18 Bayley Coral 5.01 59:21 23 23 460
19 Bayley Buzz 6.28 59:54 23 23 460
20 Dymowski Alicia 4.71 56:39 22 22 440
21 Mason Michelle 4.62 52:6 20 20 400
22 McGrail Lisa 4.72 85:32 20 20 400
23 Wu Mark 7.5 94:39 22 22 390
24 Hubbert Michael 5.03 0:18 18 18 380
25 C Emma 4.49 54:21 18 18 360
26 Stirling Ian 3.96 61:30 17 17 340
27 H e Anna 5 45:24 12 12 240
MapRun Results!

The table above provides a summary of results.  For a more detailed view - click the course that interests you.
Things to try:
  • On the results display, click on the TRACK link to see the route chosen by you or others that you competed against. Can you spot the error that this runner made?
  • In the track display, you can look at an animated version of you against others. In the side panel, select one or more runners in the pulldown list. Press Load Animation, then press START. You can change the speed of the display by pressing SPEED + or SPEED -.
Scared of this New Technology?
New technologies can be intimidating and downloading, installing and using MapRun might seem a bridge too far. But worry not - there are detailed instructions on the MapRun Page on our Website and if - after this - you can't get it working, please get in touch via email and we'll provide support. 

Next Week : Ferndale Park, Glen Iris

30 controls on a 1:7500 map
Event Opens : Monday 14th March
Event Closes : Sunday 21st March

For more information
See the Heatherdale Event Page

A Tip for this week's course

This area is well-tracked and we wanted to make things a little more challenging. Where possible, we set control locations back from the track - so you need to think about where to leave the track - or perhaps aim-off when approaching a control on a long, linear feature.
Permanent Courses

We provide a number of permanent courses that can be used as a family or group activity. See our Permanent Courses Page for more details.

...and another - specifically designed for youngsters

As the number of permanent courses continues to rise, our most recent courses have been simple, park-based courses for fledgling navigators. Simple skills like understanding map colours and symbols and orienting the map can be taught to children, but so can more advanced skills like attack points and aiming off. The addition of 1m contours allows kids to see the shape of the land - even in flatter terrain such as this. Why not run with son, daughter or grandchildren?
More than 20 checkpoints in a small park

  • Recognise map symbols
  • Orient the map using nearby terrain
  • Use the map to navigate from point to point
  • Run controls - any order
  • Run controls in order
  • Run odd controls only
  • Make your own courses (e.g. for relays)
You can find details of all of these in the Practise Courses page on our website. These courses are complete events that can be used by local families and youth groups for navigation training. In general, we use obvious features as checkpoints/control locations.

All of them are MapRun Course - and you can find the MapRun Information on the map. While a Smartphone is more fun for kids and provides an official result, you can run the course without a phone if you choose.

How can I use these Maps and Courses?

Welcome to our 2021 series of Covid-Safe events. These events are "self-service" and will run as follows:

  • Each Sunday evening, we publish a PDF version of a map with courses to suit all levels of fitness and navigation skills. The courses provided will be score courses - with courses for Juniors, Adult Walkers, Adult Runners and Cyclists.
  • You print one or more the map(s) - on A4 paper.
  • At the same time, we'll publish the courses available on the MapRun Website - MapRun is a smartphone application that tracks you as you move around a course. The scores and track recordings provided by MapRun are very impressive (see the isogaine site for details).
  • Officially, the course will stay open for one week - you (or your mob/pack/patrol/troop or family) can take part on the day/night that suits you best. We'll publish a report and official scores on the following Sunday evening. It is our intention to leave them open to provide a permanent resource for local Scout Groups. Courses can be used by anyone at any time. 
  • There are permanent maps/courses that you can use - to check that your MapRun App is working correctly and you know how to use it. As events are run, they will become part of the library of Permanent Courses. See below. 
Suburban Adventure Racing - visit our Website

Our new website is designed to support the current series. By moving to this, we lost (temporarily) a number of resources that were previously available to Scout Groups. While we do plan to migrate this material back into the website, it may take some time. Please get in touch if you need assistance.

Click on the image below to visit the site
Urban Rogaines

During lockdown, we joined and extended many of our maps; as a result, we can now offer longer courses for those wanting more than a one hour walk/run.  We called these isoGaines.

Each isogaine provides an A3 map and 80-90 controls. While it might take around 50 km to do all controls, you don't have to do this much. 
  • Walkers/runners - get a maximum of 6 hours
  • Bike riders - get 5 hours (many riders will easily do 50 km in this time)
The isogaines and supporting material can be found at This site tells you about MapRun, the type of maps that we use and the courses available.

To get a copy of the map, download the PDF onto a USB stick and take it to Officeworks. They will print it on A3 heavier paper (say 200-220 gsm) for less than $2. Where else can you get 5-6 hours of entertainment for less than $2?
Our Event Fixture - Feb/March 2021
Proposed Location Suburb
31 Jan Blacks Walk COMPLETED
7-Feb Wattle Park COMPLETED
14-Feb Mahoneys Reserve COMPLETED
This Week Westerfolds Park Templestowe
This Week Jells Park Glen Waverley
7-Mar Somers Reserve Heatherdale
14-Mar Ferndale Park Glen Iris
21-Mar Ruffey Lake Doncaster
28-Mar Napier Reserve Glen Waverley

Scout Leaders

Even without MapRun, our maps/courses provide a valuable resource to local Scout Groups. If you are a Cub or Scout Leader, consider using Suburban Adventure Racing as an activity on your troop night.

The maps and courses are available on the web

Scouts can compare their result to our
Junior results to see how they would have done

Many of our courses are (and will be) park-based
A perfect area for youth groups to explore and run through

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