Event Report : Ferndale Park
Linear parks in all directions!
No matter how many times you set a course on a map, you can always discover new features - interesting places to put controls. As much as possible, we put controls in places that force you to go off-track and the linear parks in Glen Iris are well suited to this. You can get just far enough off the track so that people running along the track won't get a beep.

The scores are below, but strangely....late penalties don't seem to have been applied correctly. Nonetheless, they give you all a good indication of how you did and where you placed. We'll investigate this week and correct them for the next newsletter.
Click on the map above to see a high res version
Event Feedback

Steve writes
- I must have run through Gardiners Creek a hundred times without spotting any of the control features you picked out for today!  I turned up at the same time as Dave Ashburner so we almost had a mass start on a very small scale. Finally, I'm hoping for special dispensation for the 2 mins my Sheltie and I lost while rounding up someone else’s runaway puppy 🐶 between controls 13 and 18 😂.

Ferndale Park


Place Surname FirstName Dist (km) Mins Ctls No. of Controls Score
1 Paterson Bruce 8.87 30:45 30 30 600


Place Surname FirstName Dist (km) Mins Ctls No. of Controls Score
1 Coates Kirralee & Harrison 6.02 49:24 23 23 460
2 Bigelow Lily 6.07 48:3 20 20 400
3 Bigelow Charlie 5.83 55:17 19 19 380
4 Shirrefs Marcus 5.02 57:31 17 17 340
5 Andrew Wright 5.13 57:45 17 17 340
6 Bowman Isabel 4.13 56:13 14 14 280
7 Pritchard Benj 3.89 57:57 13 13 260
8 Davidson Harper 4.05 62:46 12 12 240
9 Wright Callum 4.13 62:57 12 12 240


Place Surname FirstName Dist (km) Mins Ctls No. of Controls Score
1 Coates Harrison and Kirralee 8.4 39:43 30 30 600
2 Ashburner Dave 8.52 48:12 30 30 600
3 Johnston Andrew 8.2 53:28 30 30 600
4 Brooks Lachlan 8.78 53:44 30 30 600
5 Brooks Guy 6.55 53:55 30 30 600
6 Baker Andrew 8.22 54:13 30 30 600
7 Le Get Susan 8.63 56:32 30 30 600
8 Miller Steve 8.36 57:57 30 30 600
9 Coates Janine 8.78 62:31 30 30 600
10 Grimes Claire 9.38 62:40 30 30 600
11 Ashburner Dave 8.53 53:47 29 29 580
12 Bogemann Shane 8.75 60:17 29 29 580
13 Borrie Bill 6.22 59:25 23 23 460
14 Trone Steve 7.69 0:0 12 12 240


Place Surname FirstName Dist (km) Mins Ctls No. of Controls Score
1 Sedunary Vic 8.28 62:55 29 29 580
2 Trease Merv 6.88 52:48 26 26 520
3 Stephen Gordon 6.46 55:36 25 25 500
4 Stirling Lauris 5.46 54:6 21 21 420
5 Morris Kevin 5.62 56:3 21 21 420
6 Lo Presti Monica 5.09 50:46 20 20 400
7 Panter Darian 5.55 52:37 20 20 400
8 Brokner Pierre 5.52 52:45 20 20 400
9 Thompson Chris 5.34 57:43 20 20 400
10 Wilson-Argenti Anna 5.98 55:35 19 19 380
11 Barrot Martine 6.13 59:16 19 19 380
12 Smith Tina 4.71 54:15 18 18 360
13 Stirling Ian 4.74 62:15 16 16 320
14 Hawkes Maggie 1.26 19:19 2 2 40
MapRun Results!

The table above provides a summary of results.  For a more detailed view - click the course that interests you.
Things to try:
  • On the results display, click on the TRACK link to see the route chosen by you or others that you competed against. Can you spot the error that this runner made?
  • In the track display, you can look at an animated version of you against others. In the side panel, select one or more runners in the pulldown list. Press Load Animation, then press START. You can change the speed of the display by pressing SPEED + or SPEED -.

 --- Announcing ---

2021 Schools and Scouts Rogaine

Earlier this week, we spent several days preparing a 4 hour event for school students and scout groups. Set in the area of Linton, the course is designed as an introduction to bush navigation for novice navigators. Tracks and trails criss-cross the area, so there's no problem getting from point to point. The final 50-100m into each control will generally require a little navigation, but no big issue for anyone that knows which way up to hold a map and (perhaps) use a compass.

When   : Sunday, 2nd May 
Where  : Starting from Linton Primary School
What    : A public 6 hour event on Saturday
              Schools and Scouts on Sunday

For more information see : or get in touch by email.

We'd be grateful if you could consider coming along or perhaps pass this information to leaders, outdoor ed teachers that you might know. This is a great team building activity for groups of youngsters. There are categories available for scouts, venturers and rovers - all invited. 

In the meantime, have a look at the pictures below to see some of the control locations.
East end of a dam wall - such a pretty spot.
Superbly runnable bush terrain for those that prefer to go cross country

Next Week : Ruffey Lake, Doncaster

30 controls on a 1:6000 map
Event Opens : Monday 21stMarch
Event Closes : Sunday 28th March

For more information
Ruffey Lake Event Page

A shorter course - but quite hilly

We wanted to use the park as much as possible - so the course is a little shorter than normal. That said, it's also a bit hillier than recent courses - so careful attention to route choice and minimising climb will be important.
Permanent Courses

We provide a number of permanent courses that can be used as a family or group activity. See our Permanent Courses Page for more details.

...several, specifically designed for youngsters

As the number of permanent courses continues to rise, our most recent courses have been simple, park-based courses for fledgling navigators. Simple skills like understanding map colours and symbols and orienting the map can be taught to children, but so can more advanced skills like attack points and aiming off. The addition of 1m contours allows kids to see the shape of the land - even in flatter terrain such as this. Why not run with son, daughter or grandchildren?
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Our new website is designed to support the current series. By moving to this, we lost (temporarily) a number of resources that were previously available to Scout Groups. While we do plan to migrate this material back into the website, it may take some time. Please get in touch if you need assistance.

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Our Event Fixture - Feb/March 2021
Proposed Location Suburb
21-Mar Ruffey Lake Doncaster
28-Mar Napier Reserve Glen Waverley

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Many of our courses are (and will be) park-based
A perfect area for youth groups to explore and run through

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