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2016 has come to a close - it's the perfect time to reflect and take the opportunity to plan for 2017 !
Have you planned your organization's transition to ISO 14001:2015? Check out how our team of certified lead-auditors have helped our clients in their transition. Still unsure of how the new standard will impact your existing EMS? Click here (taking a look at ISO 14001:2015), here (ISO 14001:2015 next steps),  here (Common ISO 14001:2015 misconceptions) or here (ISO 14001:2015 Learning from early adopters) to read our recent  ISO 14001:2015 blogs!
#DYK: All current ISO 14001:2004 certificates will expire on September 14, 2018 at midnight! Many certification bodies want their clients to transition to the new standard by March 2018!  Have you developed your implementation timeline? Contact us, we can help!
We've re-launched the Sustainability Toolkit page to coincide with the completion of another Mitacs research project! Click here to read case studies from Teppermans, GoodLife Fitness, Goodwill, Amway, Bruce Power and more to see the Toolkit approach in action! 

We have updated the Sustainability Toolkit guidance document to expand on materiality and integration with additional sustainability frameworks. Contacts us to learn more!

The Sustainability Toolkit was at the following conferences in 2016:
WEAR - World Ethical Apparel Roundtable  (click here to learn more)
AIAG Corporate Sustainability Summit

Did you miss seeing us? We'll be speaking again at this year's 2017 AIAG Corporate Sustainability Summit May 2-3!

The Sustainability Toolkit Software is launching Spring 2017!
Interested in testing the software? Click here!
Take out your planner and mark down these important dates for 2017! 

Are you worried about being 'out of the loop'? Click here to learn more about our Quarterly Regulatory Newsletter service! Contact us for details including a complimentary copy!
1 January - Ontario's new Quantification, Reporting and Verification of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Regulation and incorporated Guideline (to support the implementation of Cap and Trade) took take effect.
1 January - (drinking water) Testing requirements for HAAs and updates to standards for carbon tetrachloride, benzene, vinyl chloride, chlorite, and MCPA came into effect / require reporting. 
February - Anticipated release of the MOECC's final Strategy for a Waste Free Ontario: Building The Circular Economy to support the new Waste Free Ontario Act, 2016.
15 February - HWIN Registration Due
March (TBD) - First Cap and Trade Auction
1 June - O.Reg. 127, O.Reg. 452/09, NPRI, TRA annual reporting due
1 September - O.Reg. 452/09 verification statement due
October/November - Earliest possible date the new ISO 45001 could be released - release could be pushed to March 2018
  • Facilities that have prepared a TRA plan on or before December 31, 2017 are required to submit a new plan summary by December 31, 2018? Thereafter, plan summaries are to be reviewed every five years. 
  • Starting in 2017, auditors performing O.Reg. 452/09 verification assessments will be evaluating reports to determine if any errors in production data are fewer than 0.1%.
  • New and updated standards for 8 contaminants took effect on July 1, 2016
  • The Government of Canada will ban asbestos containing materials by 2018
  • ISO 19011 is currently under review. Learn more here
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