But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides. So do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries and anxieties of its own. Sufficient for each day is its own trouble.  Matthew 6:33-34
Volume I, Issue VIII
Dear Friends & Family,

Imagine standing along the side of the highway...and having a huge tractor trailer truck sail past at 75mph.  This is what time has felt like for us the past 3 weeks.  
It has left my brain feeling swollen and unable to process anything deeper than basic math and reading skills.  Fortunately, this means I can still help the kids with some of their schoolwork and make a shopping list and cook.  So, thankfully, everyone is getting into the groove of their home education and we're all eating pretty delicious food...thanks to the variety of fruits and vegetables we've been able to find as well as the handy food processor and crockpot that our friends left behind in their home.  
Our friends were here long enough to give us a brief tour of the town, introduce us to the folks at church, acquaint us with the process of receiving the bills from our landlord and let us know how the trash and recycling work.  They were also gracious to tell us a million and one things that we want to remember, but likely will only remember they told us when we face those situations again.  They are off to their time in the States and we are into the ministry here.  Tucker was able to preach last Sunday and will also next Sunday...his topic has been worship and has been centered around Romans 12:1-2.  He is looking for ideas for future sermons centering around basic Christian truths that every Christian should know.  If you have something to share, please reply to this email or share on our forum, called Discussion, on our website.
I will be working this week on a plan for the next several weeks of the ladies bible study.  The ladies have begun bringing their young ladies (ranging in age from 7-15) and making it a joint evening that involves a Bible study lesson (we are just finishing up the book of Ruth) and a fun craft.  This week, the plan is to review Ruth and learn to knit scarves.  The ladies are desiring to know more about the "5 Love Languages," so I'll need to find a way to adapt that fascinating topic into a study format that can be easily led by myself and a rotating team of the other ladies.  With a brain that feels swollen, this feels like a huge task, so please pray for me!  

Items for prayer...
  • Tucker's sermon prep and sensitivity to the needs of the church.
  • Stamina for days where everything seems to take longer than it would "back home."
  • Quick cultural adaptation (Meredith is struggling with this).
  • Paperwork needed for our residency cards to be supplied.
  • Wisdom and understanding for the needs of the women's group.
  • Boldness in reaching out to the neighbors.
  • Humility and love in all we do within our family and outside our home.
Please find more info on our website and blog.
We have many things to be thankful for...
A food processor that can we can use to make rice or oat milk, sunflower seed butter, smoothies, pureed soup and more!

Light switches that are low enough for our 4 year old to reach (but still too high for the 1 year old)!

Door handles that are too high for the 1 year old!

Toilet paper and tissue packs with the name brand of our youngest daughter--Amelia!

The kids' coughs are improving day by day.

Some people from church found us a bunk bed with a pull out we've added another mattress to the room and voila, sleeping for the 4 big kids.

Folks from church loaned us some tubs of,  play kitchen items, etc. and another woman we ran into at the store yesterday said she has a box of Lego bricks if we'd like to borrow those!  :)  

A sweet welcome from the church this past Sunday with a bag of Kwidzyn made food items.
Bag of gifts from folks at church!
Paisley was so excited to receive your cards! She received 15 cards for her birthday this year...a fun record to be sure! Thank you again to all who sent her a card for her birthday.
We are so blessed by your generosity that has gotten us here to Kwidzyn.  If you weren't able to contribute before we left Arizona, but desire to, you can in a few different ways... 
*You can mail a check made to "Meredith Boone" to our address in Arizona, 1701 W Stevanna Way Flagstaff, AZ  86001
*Email funds to through your bank
*Send funds to International Messengers at PO Box 618, Clear Lake, IA 50428
*Paypal funds to us at
Blessed to be Serving Him,  
Tucker, Meredith, Paisley, Bethany, Ansel, Amelia & Ephraim Boone
Copyright © 2013 Tucker & Meredith Boone, All rights reserved.

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