But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides. So do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries and anxieties of its own. Sufficient for each day is its own trouble. Matthew 6:33-34


Quick Update

September 12th, 2013
Vol. I,  No. VI

Dear Ones,

Our plane tickets are purchased and we are pressing on towards getting ready to go. Well, mostly we're pressing on towards tomorrow's yard sale.  When that is complete, we'll focus more steadily on cleaning house, packing and last minute shopping.  We fly out of Phoenix on September 25th!
You've been SO generous with suitcases!  We *think* we are covered.  It's hard to know for sure as we can barely walk around in our room as it's beginning to look like the baggage claim area mixed with yard sale goodies, but we think we have enough….THANK YOU!
Thank you for praying for Meredith's fatigue and stress levels….God is faithfully answering, so please, keep on praying!
On the other end of all these things is Poland!  We're getting excited to meet the people there. They are a bit nervous to meet us and worried about the couple that is there leaving for such a length of time, so let's continue to pray for them.
We just heard this morning that there are no bunk beds to borrow, so we're looking at needing to purchase them or packing the kids into the room on the floor.  (Not sure the older kids would appreciate that as we are quite the westerners and used to mattresses and elevation!  :) This will equate to about $750 for the frames and mattresses and bedding.  This wasn't something we were expecting (surprise!!!) and we would love to know if there's someone who would like to share this expense with us.
Our partnership is currently at just under 75% given and/or pledged to be given.  It's an amazing blessing that over 40 individuals/families have partnered with us financially and more with prayer thus far!  God is good and we're almost there….both to 100% (or beyond as God Himself knows what our needs will be) AND to Poland!
We are beyond blessed by your gracious giving and encouragement….
Please stop by our yard sale tomorrow if you have a chance.  We can still take donations as well and please pray for clear weather for tomorrow…it's been raining buckets here on a daily basis….We're starting to wonder if this is England as there is moss growing on the fence outside our bedroom window. We love the rain, but we're praying for clear skies for the sale!
As always, we are only serving by HIS grace,
Tucker & Meredith
Paisley, Bethany, Ansel, Amelia & Ephraim

Long days and short nights….


Sleep isn't so plentiful in my world.  To bed in the dark and up long before it's light.  This is not a natural state to be in.  It's been interesting listening to my physical body rebel at this behavior.  What time does one eat breakfast when one is up so early and when is lunch?  I've found both are answered clearly by my stomach and when it's hungry  and ready to digest food!


Please pray for the sleep I have to be restful and for the time I'm awake to be VERY productive and focused on what I need to get done before we leave….in 13 days!!!



***If you know anyone who might need homeschool curriculum, please point them to this list and they'll be able to see what we have and contact us!

Music from the Folks...

Just one act at our concert this past Sunday.  The kids did so well (Tucker too on his bodhran).  We're working on getting some YouTube videos up on our website.  Look under "Our Musicians" under the "More" menu option.

Our Sweet Paisley

Our address in Poland…(in case you want to surprise our sweet Paisley with a birthday card.  She'll be 14 on the 28th -- just 2 days after we arrive in Poland.)


Czerwonego Kapturka 35

Kwidzyn, Poland 82-500

**It's currently $1.10 to mail a letter (not over 1 oz) to Europe.  3 current stamps (or forever stamps) will get it there.  Just write "AirMail" on the envelope!

Getting them packed up....

***No children or suitcases were harmed in the making of this photo....

Partnering with us is simple....See here for ideas of how to do so!
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