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Thursday, April 23, 2015

  • In the Post, Pat Lynch blasts a jury's failure to convict a "wannabe cop-killer" on the top charge of attempted murder for stabbing Police Officer Eder Loor in the head in 2012.  Lynch said it is "impossible to conceive of a reason why this jury got this verdict so wrong" and called on the judge to impose the maximum sentence allowed for the lesser conviction of assault.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

  • The Wall Street Journal reports that the NYPD is eliminating the “Quest for Excellence” productivity report that Pat Lynch called an attempt to legitimize quotas. The news follows a state court decision issued earlier this month, which upheld an earlier ruling that required certain parts of the program to be bargained with the PBA. In the story, Lynch said: the Quest for Excellence is a “veiled attempt at legitimizing illegal enforcement quotas that this union has opposed since its introduction.  Its elimination is long overdue and we applaud the change. Time will tell if this is the first step toward the elimination of enforcement quotas.”
  • Pat Lynch argues that the IG’s report suggesting the use of lawsuit data to evaluate police officers’ performance makes no sense because most lawsuits are baseless and are filed to make a quick buck.  Lynch is quoted saying: “Given that many, if not most, of the lawsuits filed against New York City police officers are baseless, frivolous and only filed to make a quick buck, we don’t see where there is any validity to using them in evaluating the actions of individual officers."  Reports appeared in the Daily NewsPost and in Capital NY. Read Lynch’s entire statement here.
  • The latest PBA newspaper ad, appearing in papers around the city beginning April 22, highlights the City’s positive budget picture and argues that now is the time for the City to end decades of labor discord by paying police officers a competitive wage.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

  • Press release: PBA President reacts to the IG's suggestion to use lawsuit data to evaluate police performance.
  • The Chief Leader reports on Lynch’s call to require CCRB complainants to swear to their complaint under penalty of perjury.  Lynch said the PBA “has long advocated for such a change in the CCRB’s procedures....and we believe the time has come to effect its implementation.”  He continued that such a policy “falls short of rectifying the injustice and imbalance that currently exists.” He said the CCRB should go further, requiring that complainants and witnesses swear to the truth of their allegations before a complaint is accepted for filing.”
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