September 2016

Chelsea House Newsletter No 3
Firstly, we’d like to welcome all of the new families who have joined us since our last newsletter. Welcome to Ella-Rose, Sebastian, Blayne, Nathaniel, Mason, Azaleah, Princeton, Skye, Leeim, Caleb and Robbie.

As you should all be aware, we have a parent evening coming up on Monday 10th October. We are fortunate to have two speakers attending - Mariana Alletson from the Heart Foundation and Julie Jenkins, a clinical educator from Child & Adolescent Oral Health Services. They have a presentation which should run for approximately 1/2 hour, and will be available to answer any questions you may have in regards to healthy food choices for your children, and anything relating to oral health and care. We will start the presentation at about 6.30pm, to allow you time to come and have a quick, informal chat with your child’s teachers first if you wish. We look forward to seeing you anytime from 6.00pm onwards!

Also, with the end of the year fast approaching, here are some dates and reminders to put into your diaries:
  • Friday 2nd December, children’s Christmas Party, commencing at 6.00pm. More details to follow......
  • Friday 23rd December, centre closes at 12.00pm. No van run on this day!
  • Weds, Thurs & Fri 28th, 29th, 30th December, centre is open from 8.00am - 4.30pm. No van run will be operating on these days.
Please find attached your child’s Christmas Leave forms. These will need to be back by 18th November at the latest please, to allow us to work out staffing over the Christmas/New Years period. Thank you!

News from the rooms:
Pohutakawa Room
We have been enjoying the sunny weather and spending more time outside with water play. We’ve also been enjoying painting and getting messy. We have had a few new children start, so it is great that they can all play alongside each other and get to know their classmates.  Abacus calendars will be starting soon - watch this space. 

Can you please make sure your child has a few spare changes of clothing

Te Ruma Pohutakawa Teachers: Lauren & Caroll
Kowhai Room
We have been enjoying the warmer weather with water and messy play outdoors, so please re-member lots of spare clothing for your children!
Art has been a big interest for the tamariki so we have been looking at introducing some new creative activities for the children to explore. We have also been making the most of the weather with trips to the park and nice picnics.

We are currently working on our little garden with the tamariki pulling out the weeds and finding spiders and bugs, which they are fascinated with! We will be planting some nice new plants and flowers soon.

Te Ruma Kowhai teachers: Sarah, Dana, Sophie, Eileen & Brooke
Totora Room
The teachers from Totara Room would like to extend a warm welcome to all our new friends that have transitioned from Kowhai room and our new enrolments. They have settled well into their new environment getting to know teachers and children, follow-ing routines and joining in our regular excursion to the gym.

We have recently had the sand pit refilled and the children are enjoying the new texture using it for transporting, tipping, pouring and cooking. Debbie and Elaine took some of the children to Palm-erston North recently and they purchased a new digger, truck and rope ladder for the outside environment.

We have been collecting the little plants from New World and the children have been helping to plant and look after these, extending their knowledge of where things come from and how they grow.

Some other interests at present include family play and “pretending to be animals” play - inspired by books. Some of the other activities we have been doing include going to the park, baking, gin-gerbread, facepainting and bubbles.
Te Ruma Totara Teachers: Ailsa, Deb, Elaine, Wendy, Noeline & Karena
Kauri Room  
Welcome to all the new children and their families, who have just started at Chelsea House and those that have or are in the process of moving into Kauri Room. Azaleah, Hineata, Jessarnah, Krystal and Skye are currently in Kauri Room with others to transition shortly. Janette is back but will disappear again for one week when she has to attend another short course and then she will be back for good.

Welcome also to Tinika, who has joined us in Kauri Room and will be around a couple of days each week. She is studying and hopes to move onto doing a teaching degree.

With spring arriving we need to think about keeping ourselves protected from the sun. Please ensure that your child has a named hat in their bag. Also spare clothes or even togs for those really hot days ahead when we will undoubtedly have water play. As we are continuing to walk to various places like the library, gym and the parks please make sure that your child has sturdy walking shoes. We ask that they have an alternative to open toed sandals and jandals as these cause problems with tripping and stubbed toes!
With the New World promotion we have veggie pots growing and the tamariki have enjoyed planting the seeds and watching them sprout. The children have also become interested in taking photos and the ones taken so far are displayed on the notice board in our room. If anyone has any old negatives that we can use with our light table, a projector and some film or anything similar we would love to hear from you.
We are continuing to encourage children’s literacy and numeracy skills. The children currently are learning to recognise, spell and write their names. Similarly during activities the children are exposed to opportunities to recognise numbers and patterns, sort, order and measure.

At this stage of children’s development they need to work at their own pace so that they can develop an understanding of everything around them. When children show us that they are ready for the next step, we encourage, support and extend them through their interests and the opportunities that we provide.

“A child’s greatest achievements are possible in play, achievements that tomorrow will become her basic level of reaction.”
Lev S. Vygotsky
Te Ruma Kauri Teachers....... Janette, Sarah, Lyn & Tinika
               From the Office
  • Please be aware that we have had a real run on new enrolments, especially in Pohutakawa Room, with the push up meaning that spaces are becoming limited on some days in Totara & Kauri Rooms also. Hence we would encourage anyone thinking of either enrolling another child, or increasing their child/ren’s hours to move quickly to avoid disappointment! I’d also like to take this opportunity to again thank you all for the positive feedback that we are getting out in the community - 90% of our new enrolments are due to word of mouth, so thank you.
  • Remember to sign your child in and out of the centre upon arrival and departure - this is a Ministry of Education requirement, and especially important in case of emergency! We do have some flexibility around children staying later on occasion (with permission,) however, outside of this, please try to stick to your booked hours, as we staff according to numbers on each day.
  • We have a brochure holder that sits on the wall outside the office - this will contain any policies that we are updating, a copy of our strategic plan, and any other general information that we feel is relevant. Please feel free to comment on any of the information - your feedback is important to us and it gives you a chance to have a say.
  • We also have a “survey box” sitting in the foyer - please feel free to jot down any suggestions or comments that you may have. We appreciate feedback on any area’s where you may feel we can improve or extend on, or, alternatively, on any areas that you consider are really benefitting your child’s learning and development and you would like to see continued :-).
  • Just a little reminder to please remove any medications from your child’s bag. If your child has medicine, it must be handed to the teachers for safe keeping. Thank you.
Ka Kite,
Karen & Leanne
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