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| UBCAni | Improv Night

Improv + Artist Meetup

Our friend Will Wood will be teaching us improv this Friday night after our showings! If you haven't done improv before, come and learn something new. If you have, come show off.

During our Artist Meetup, Jerry will be hosting a cosplay workshop for making props with insulation foam. Hit going on our Facebook event by 23:59 Wednesday; the activity will be free for members who RSVP, $2.00 for members who don't, and $5.00 flat for non-members. Please bring utility knives!

Remember, we'll be selling tickets to our Halloween Social during dinner break! Keep scrolling for detail


17:00 ・ Showings (A202) + Artist Meetup (A203)
Your Lie in April
Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san
La Maison en Petit Cubes
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
18:30 ・ Dinner Break
19:00 ・ Improv
We'll post updates on our Facebook event page.

Halloween Social

When: 6-10pm, Saturday, October 27th
Where: Room 2306/9, AMS Nest
Theme: Scarlet Wedding
You are cordially invited to our Halloween Social! Come in costumes and enjoy our activities for the evening. This year, we will also be providing 🍕 for dinner!

If you'd like to register for our cosplay contest, please check out

Come in some mix of white, black, and red. Of course, don't worry about it if you're cosplaying.


18:00 ・ Doors Open
18:15 ・ Introductions
18:20 ・ Activity 1 (TBA)
19:00 ・ Dinner
19:45 ・ Activity 2 (TBA)
20:30 ・ Cosplay Contest
20:45 ・ Pinata
21:00 ・ Dance
21:45 ・ End of Event
Halloween banner


We will be selling tickets during our weekly meetings, and throughout the week in our club office. You can also email or message us on Facebook to arrange a time.

Online invoices are also available. Go to and we'll send an invoice which will allow you to pay via card.

Early Bird

  $6.00 ・ UBCAni Members
$10.00 ・ General

Door Price

$10.00 ・ UBCAni Members
$10.00 ・ General

Recommendation of the Week

Thank you Johnson for your recommendation this week.
Tales of Berseria Animated Opening
You've probably heard this story before. A band of heroes must embark on a quest around the world to defeat a great evil that threatens the land OR An exiled prince must reclaim his lost kingdom from foreign invaders. not one of those stories.

Tales of Berseria (demo) is a story of a woman named Velvet as she embarks on a journey for revenge and....No, that's pretty much it. Self-serving revenge. She's out for a man who crossed her, a man seen by the world as a hero out to save the world. You could almost say that you were playing the villain this time around in this JRPG tale.

As with all other Tales games, you can count on Berseria excelling in two areas: gameplay and characters. Velvet's not alone in her quest for vengeance. Joining on her quest is:
  • a demon samurai, Rokurou
  • a self-proclaimed witch, Magilou
  • a cursed pirate, Eizen
  • a young child, Laphicet
  • an upstanding exorcist, Eleanor
You won't see a more rag-tag party like this in a fantasy JRPG. Each character feels like their own person with their own goals and self-interests. It was a moving journey for me to watch their party dynamic throughout the story, side quests, and little skits and see all these people start from simply using one another to accomplish their own objectives, to becoming steadfast and true friends by the end.

All in all, Tales of Berseria is a 'tale' of Emotion versus Reason, as opposed to the more traditional good vs evil. A tale that constantly had me invested all the way to the end thanks to its diverse cast of characters and fun gameplay.

While not certainly a revolutionary title compared to the tough competition out there in the JRPG world, Tales of Berseria stands as a strong game on its own and arguably one of the best in the series for me, sharing my top 3, along with Tales of Xillia 2 and Tales of Vesperia.

Also, Eleanor is best girl.
- - -

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