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Dear Ellis families,

We have news about the Traffic Plan & Map!  The City of Savannah has issued a NEW Traffic Map to help keep our kids safe during school hours. We really need everyone to pitch in and help us to stick to this plan. Over the next few weeks, let's kindly remind each other of these new rules at drop-off and pick-up. I'm sure we'll all be going the right way to school in no time.
Please be sure to check out the NEW map and read the information below:
  • The buses are dropping students off behind the school on 48th Street. They enter from Habersham and travel east on 48th to exit on Reynolds. Your car should not be on 48th Street during drop-off and pick-up. Please do not park on 48th Street.
  • Please DO NOT pass the school buses. 
  • If you drive and drop off/pick up your child in the front of the school, you MUST turn on to 49th Street FROM REYNOLDS. Head west on 49th Street from Reynolds toward the school and exit on Habersham. There should be no cars parking on 49th Street and all cars dropping off need to be headed WEST.
  • If you drive and park to walk your children in to school, the ONLY designated parking area for our school is on 50th Street and around the Circle Park. Please do not park on anywhere on Battey. Please do not park on 49th Street. Please do not park on 48th Street. Please do not park on anywhere on McGillicuddy.
  • Finally, there is to be absolutely no car traffic related to our school on Battey and McGillicuddy. None. This really helps the crossing guard and it makes the bus and car drop-off lines run more efficiently.

And that's all there is to it. Thanks VERY MUCH for all of your help.


Michelle Haberland on behalf of the CEMA PTA Safety Committee


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