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At Fine Balance Yoga we teach therapeutic yoga classes and offer individual sessions to trauma survivors struggling with addiction, depression and anxiety, teaching them healthy self-regulation strategies to empower them to live connected and embodied lives. We also  train yoga teachers and clinicians in the trauma-informed yoga theory and techniques required to support trauma survivors in their healing, long-term stability and recovery. 

Elaine breathes slowly, in and out, for a few rounds of simple pranayama before she has to stop. Images too scary for her to describe race in and overwhelm her. After a few moments, with Jocelyn Jenkins, her therapist, sitting next to her, Elaine tries again. Several sessions later they move on to very basic, very slow sun salutations; she becomes aware of her muscles, noticing any resistance in her body, stopping when she gets too agitated.

Although these postures and breathing exercises sound easy and soothing for most of us, they represent enormous progress for Elaine (not her real name), who cut herself off from any connection with her body or her emotions years ago. Jenkins remembers the first time she met her. Elaine was very agitated, in a constant state of hyper-arousal, “alert to every movement in the room, every sound, even the rise of my eyebrow,” Jenkins says. But when it came to talking about her emotions, Elaine shut down.

Here’s why. As a young girl, Elaine was brutally raped. Unbelievably, no one in her family noticed—not even when she came to the dinner table covered from head to toe in bruises.

Initial study results revealed that participation in trauma-informed gentle yoga leads to a significant reduction in symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

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FALL 2014


Yoga for Resilience at the Labyrinth
Thursdays September 4th - November 27th, 2014 (12 weeks)
5:30pm – 6:30pm 
St. Paul’s Labyrinth in the West End @ 1130 Jervis St
Pre-register Earlybird $180 ($90 deposit required by August 28th, 2014)
Drop-in rate: $17/class
For more information & to register email: or call 604 725 7287 
Please visit our website at 

Yoga promotes strength, flexibility, stability and resilience in body and mind in order to help us navigate the stresses of life with greater ease. This series offers a special opportunity to explore the healing benefits of yoga and meditation in the unique setting of the Labyrinth. Open to all. 

Yoga, Trauma & Mental Health Teacher Training
at Ajna Yoga

Date: July 4-6 2014
Tuition: $320
2185 Theatre Lane, Victoria, BC

How can yoga be applied therapeutically for individuals who have suffered trauma? Traumatic events may lead to isolation and feelings of helplessness. Traumatized individuals may develop addictions, mental illness, and a variety of dysfunctional coping strategies. Trauma sensitive Yoga teaching skills to effectively and compassionately work with this population include specific asana sequences, pranayama, and grounding techniques.
Click here to register. 

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training at East side Yoga

When: November 15th-18th 2014
Sat November 15th: 1:30-5:30pm
Sun Nov 16th: 1:30-5:30pm
Mon Nov 17th: 8:30-11:30am and 1:30-5:30pm
Tues Nov 18th: 8:30-11:30am and 1:30-5:30pm
Where: 1707 Grant St. Just off Commercial Drive
Cost:  $455 plus GST;payment plans available; A deposit of $100
reserves your spot.
Yoga teachers and other practitioners can help address the aftermath of traumatic experiences, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, addiction, depression and anxiety. Trauma sensitive yoga can help to teach  clients/students safe body-based self-regulation techniques that may assist in day-today functioning and long term healing. In this training, yoga teachers and other clinicians will learn how to build a trauma sensitive yoga class and how to teach yoga-based self-regulation techniques to meet the needs of a wide variety of individuals. 25 hours Yoga Alliance CEUs.
Click here to register.


Also Coming Up:

Yoga Outreach Core Training 
Surrey, September 20th & 21st 2014 @ Healing Movements Studio
(Saturday & Sunday full days) AgendaLearningOutcomes14hourtraining
Tuition: $299. 
Are you interested in expanding your scope of practice as a yoga teacher?
Do you want the teaching skills to impact the lives of people who cannot access mainstream yoga classes? With 18 years of program and volunteer coordination experience, Yoga Outreach has developed a Core Training™  that will empower you to work with students confronting a wide range of challenges within diverse settings. 
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Visit our website at for further information about any of the above events, to book individual sessions, community classes, to book a workshop for trauma survivors or a training for clinicians and/or yoga teachers.

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