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The Refuse Newsletter #9


A Note
Happy Sunday, :)! Thanks for reading the 9th issue of this newsletter.
Nine emails isn't a lot of emails, but eighteen weeks is a lot of weeks. Not a lot has changed. I haven't been sending these emails out as often as I would like, and I haven't been experimenting with the content the way I intend to. Though I'm glad that I have followed a consistent, bi-weekly/Sunday mailing schedule, and that every email looks entirely different from the previous one.
In that spirit, I have decided to make this email look even more special. Every heading and image in this email is animated (more about that below). Hope you enjoy looking at them :).
❤️, Yash.


The most unusual thing I worked on this week has been this email. Every heading and every image in this email is an infinitely-looping, algorithmically generated, color-limited, super-compressed animated GIF.
I had this idea after realizing that I could reliably include an animated GIF in an email without breaking anything, after testing it out in the last issue of this newsletter.
However, email is nothing like the modern web, and carries a huge set of restrictions. For instance, you can't embed videos in an email. Well, a lot of services will allow you to embed (not attach) video in your emails, but people you send that email to won't see it. Most email clients can't display embedded videos, and will automatically strip that piece of code from the emails you've sent.
And let's not forget that emails are bodies of text, and should be treated as such; not as webpages. It's nice to have some options, but it's important to stay within certain computational limits. I personally hate to even see websites slow themselves down with unnecessary scripts and under-the-hood garbage that makes it impossible for users to scroll through.
Email is for everyone.
Also, here are a couple more endlessly-looping—uh—math shapes to stare at :)
If you're curious about these figures, go check this Wikipedia page about Lissajous curves. Animated using trigonometric functions.
Algorithmic art


Design Wisdom
Two words: read documentation. Actually, six.
Algorithmic, animated doodle.
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