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Hi, :) :). Welcome to the 15th issue of this newsletter!
It has been exactly 6 weeks since I first mentioned that I was searching for a decent word processor. I have yet to find it.

This is not because my search has been that thorough; it's just that I have barely searched at all. I have, however resumed my search with a few programs for Linux, one of which will hopefully be my primary word processor. This is partly due to the fact that the Linux distro I use is far more efficient than my copy of Windows 11.

I have mostly spent my time over the past couple weeks looking at audio codecs and other fixes for the trouble Discord calls give me on poor network and by hijacking Android's audio stream and switching it to crappy, mono telephone audio.

Other than this particular quest to building myself an acceptable writing environment, I have not done much else with personal projects or updates for the Refuse website. I did begin to work on a newsletter archive page that would live on the Refuse website. But as with all things web, I realized I need to do a bit more than just following MailChimp's documentation.

I'm currently anticipating Inktober, which will be yet another annual opportunity for me to force myself to illustrate. Scroll down to the 'experiment' section of this newsletter to see how I exploit Inktober to play around with illustration styles.

❤️, Yash.


I have been looking for a decent word processor for over six weeks.

Have I found it? No.

Did I spend enough time looking? No.

After being displeasingly surprised by the installation sizes of some word processors on Windows, I decided to pause my testing on the OS and look at Linux apps. I came across a few:

Left, Zettlr, Typora, ThiefMD, Apostrophe, Vi, Vim, Emacs, Xed, Micro, Sam, XEdit, Joe, Zim, Etherpad (Lite), Wordgrinder, Ted, Nano.

A few of these come with GUIs and run in a window. Some of these like Nano and Vim run within the terminal.

I will hopefully spend the next two weeks going through these and figure out what might work and/or be customizable into working as a decent word processor.


This issue's experiments are a bit more conventional.

Inktober is just around the corner, and I can barely wait to struggle to keep up with it.

I always aim to use Inktobers for experimentation. When you get to draw everyday for an entire month, you might as well try something you haven't tried before.

To me, this means working with styles and palettes I'm not familiar with.


Things that pop in a sea of things that also pop, do not pop at all.
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