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Hi, :); welcome to the eighth issue of The Refuse Newsletter! It's pride month, which is why you'll see a bit of color in this issue. I love watching people design for pride month for this reason. Chromatic, rainbow pallettes have just the right amount of color: a lot. They are also slightly tougher to work with than your usual, boring, complementary or analogous color schemes, which makes them more rewarding.
Design aside, rainbow pallettes remind me that not everyone is a homophobic a-hole. This helps me feel a little better about the world I live in, especially when most voices around you sound like hate and ignorance. And whether or not brands do care, I like how they push culture to acknowledge that all human beings matter regardless of who they love.
Happy pride month!
❤️🧡💛💚💙💜, Yash.


This issue's visual experiment is an animated GIF! I created it in Processing 4, using the Oklab library I built for the same program, and the mathematical equation used to draw an Archimedean spiral.
I know; the animation looks stuttery. I had to lower the frame rate of the animation down to nothing to make the file size small enough to be email-friendly (still too large by my standards).
Hopefully, I'll replace this with another, more elegant workaround in future issues.


This week, I created a pride-inspired word-search puzzle for the KnownUnknown community. If you're a visual artist of any kind, you should join us!

This week, I also updated some (but not all) Instagram/Facebook AR effects, so they continue to work on newer devices. I also learned that Acid (one of my AR effects) continues to be used by more people every day:


Deception takes work, and so does quality. People like quality.

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