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The Refuse Newsletter #10
A Note


Happy Sunday, :)! Thanks for checking this email.

This email is the 10th issue of the newsletter, which feels like a pretty special number. While this may be true only because we count in base 10, I decided that this would be a pretty good opportunity to revive the Refuse Blog with an article about this newsletter. Yes, the same newsletter which the article about the newsletter was just mentioned in.

The blog post is about how I absolutely had no plan for structuring this newsletter, and the very few things I learned while writing the nine previous issues.

I did not get the opportunity to spend too much time writing this newsletter because I've been writing the blog post and preparing images for it. But, I have a nice little AI-generated artwork in the Experiment section, which I think is super interesting.
❤️, Yash.


This issue's experiment is not mine. It's a bit special.

Remember the machine learning program from OpenAI called Dall·E? This is an AI program which generates ultra-realistic images and art based on prompts given to it in natural language.

Dall·E is not the same as Dall·E Mini, which is an entirely different machine learning program inspired by Openlabs' Dall·E.

Yesterday, I got access to Dall·E, and have been playing around with it since.

Here's one of the prompts I gave to Dall·E:
"Hubble's Deep Field, painted in the style of Van Gogh."

This is the image Dall·E generated from the prompt:
The Van Gogh-style painting you see above was generated entirely by OpenAI's Dall·E, based on the prompt above.
From The Blog


There's a new blog post on, and it's about this newsletter!
I thought it would be nice to publish it as the same time as this (the tenth) issue. Click this link to go to and read the article.
Design Wisdom


When you want someone to click on an ad, just ask.
People like being requested to, more than they like being forced.
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