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Color is complicated. It is also widely mis-represented in all kinds of ways.

Despite being a consequence of photons hitting the inside of your eyeballs, color is not just physics unfolding in the elegant ways we're told that it does. It's a little different.

Emails must be kept short, so here's a hand-drawn approximation of how cone cells respond to frequencies of light:

There are no 'red', 'green', or 'blue' cone cells, and two of the three almost entirely overlap.

More about this in the next email.


We're discussing colors today, so this section might as well be about it; for the sake of consistency, at least.

Stay away from the color picker.

Really; don't touch it unless you know exactly what you're looking for, and have a color-accurate display (which is not most computer screens) to show you what you're picking.

Most applications give you access to pre-installed high quality color palettes. There are also free-to-use, high quality color systems that you can pick colors from.

RGB, HSV, and HSL values are also flawed, so you can't trust them to generate palettes for you numerically.


Every time you choose jargon over regular words, you risk failing the primary purpose of communication: communication itself.

Jargon sounds impressive—only in your head.

You might as well be talking to yourself.

REFUSE.INK just had a full UI redesign (with cleaner code underneath).

It's still built on a grid, and doesn’t use external stylesheets to look good. In fact, every single page on carries its own little internal stylesheet. That’s how tiny they are.

I'll probably cover this in detail in a future blog post.


I have hidden a new easter egg somewhere on Try to find it.

Hint: It can only be navigated to from an error page.


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This, as well as other (future) emails will include content on a variety of subjects, in a variety of formats. My only plan is to keep experimenting, and enjoy the process. If I do things right, I won't be the only one enjoying this.

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