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March Studio Report

What's New At Full Circle?

There's a ton of great music coming out of Full Circle right now and we couldn't be happier! Check out this video cover of Lorde's "Royals" by local RVA rock band DNA. This song is featured on their new record "Stranded", and the album was tracked, mixed and mastered here at Full Circle Recording. If you are into good quality covers  you need to hear local RVA band Silver Bullets. They finished recording 12 songs with us and you can hear their awesome renditions of TOP 40 HITS HERE!

This past month we were fortunate to get our hands on a very large collection of sound FX for movies, games and music. Our studio is fully equipped to provide you with any sound you can think of! We offer a broad spectrum of sound effects - including Animals & Birds, Construction, Crowds, Fire, Household, Industry, Military, Office, Sports, Transportation, Weather, and also include long ambience tracks from around the world! If you have a sound idea or are in need of some foley for any project, contact us and let's create something together!

The local Chesterfield YMCA's  are conducting an instrument and donation drive for public schools called "Strike A Chord".  The drive is accepting any instrument that you are no longer using and will be donated to the Chesterfield Public Education Foundation. The instrument drive starts March 28th and goes through April 14th .  Simply bring your instruments or money donations to any of the Chesterfield Y locations to help share music in our school system. Our public schools can use woodwinds, brass, strings, guitars, recorders, and drums (no electronic instruments). For more info go or call 379-1551.

We are now offering drum and guitar lessons at our spacious studio. Half-hour and hour long lessons are available with expert drummer Dan Uphoff and professional guitarist Matthew Seay... drum sets are provided so contact us for details if you are interested! (804)425-5317 or email


- Modern Music Technology -

Many artists seek out CD duplication and digital sales when they finish recording. We get asked quite often on which services and companies are the best to get an album pressed in physical copy and where to sell music online. Both engineers at our studio have played in bands, recorded, and sold music in physical form and online. We prefer to use for CD Duplication and Replication. The company's prices are some of the lowest around and we personally know that the quality of their products are top-shelf and worth it. If you decide to use DiscMakers, you can input our customer number upon check-out and get free merchandise such as a framed copy of your album! Our Partner CT# is CT90390881

When it comes to selling music online, we believe is the best avenue to getting your music on all the familiar digital music retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Xbox and more. You simply pay a nominal fee for their service, upload your music and album artwork to their servers,  select which stores nationally or internationally that you want your music on and once your music is launched, you start collecting money from your sales! 

Recording 101

Here are some tips for recording vocalists. In our experience, a vocalist usually sounds better later in the day.  This is because the vocal chords are warmed up after a full day of activity and talking. Lukewarm Ginger Tea can help loosen up the esophagus for better vocal takes. Some people add honey to their tea or warm water. A singer must be well rested and psychologically ready (ie. know all the parts including harmonies, low stress level etc). It's a great idea to have the singer run through a few sections while you are dialing in their settings in order for them to warm up. To get the best out of a vocalist, we recommend recording the vocal lines in separate sections. Also, record doubles for choruses to add bigness and double all vocals for aggressive vocal styles. A tip for a vocalist struggling to hit a harmony is to record the line as a piano or synth part, play it back in the mix for them and after a few times they will be nailing it. Lastly, a great way to expand your mix is to double all harmonies and pan them wide for a really big sound. This tip works especially well for creating a bigger chorus.


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