Cabin Fever?  3 Quick Cures!
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Last week was a doozy.  Snow kept us indoors for days.  Enough time to notice unfinished business around the house.  A pile here, an incomplete project there...  Did your heart feel contentedly 'At Home'?  If not, what was missing?  Color?  Style?  Organization?  Comfort?

Here are three easy tips:
  • First impressions count.  When you enter a room, what do you see first?  A favorite painting, a wall color you love, or a disorganized heap of mail, mittens and miscellaneous?  Refresh this area to say "Welcome Home!" and experience renewed energy. 
  • Beauty is in the details -- or not.  Personal treasures tell our story, making our homes uniquely our own.  Look with fresh eyes.  Which things give you the most pleasure?  Place them center stage and remove items that no longer serve you.  Ahhh...!
  • Parting thoughts linger.  What is the last thing you see as you walk out the door?  That image will stay with you all day, so make this space tidy and efficient.  You'll carry that smile to work and beyond.

Don't know what to tackle first?  Perhaps I can help.  We'll identify what's not working, then I'll provide solutions for a living space that is perfectly YOU!

For a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation, give me a call at 301.920.0678.

Wishing you a refreshing day!
Here's what clients are saying:
"Robin has an ability to reconfigure furniture in her mind and come up with several creative options that are more interesting and/or more workable than whatever you’ve fallen into. Some suggestions would even take less time and money than what I had in mind."  -- Deane, Baltimore


Beautiful homes nurture us; effective workplaces enliven and inspire us to thrive.

Designing space that is uniquely you.  Using what you have, creating what you need. Staging for quick sales, low stress and maximum profit.
REFRESH Your Home or Office
Mindful design creates homes & businesses that reflect who we are & support what we do.

Making room for what is most important to us.  Crafting dynamic balance for life's gifts and challenges.   Creating space for love and miracles.
The Art & Science of Feng Shui
Simple choices can make a world of difference in our health and those we love. 

Recommending eco-safe furnishings and finishes,  Minimizing toxic input. 
Inviting natures beauty. 
Stepping lightly on the earth.
10 Easy Tips to a Greener Home
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