The high cost of being right.
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I woke up this morning wondering what I am right about.  

Where am I moving in the wrong direction simply because that path is so familiar?  What opportunities do I miss because I don't recognize them as "right"?
My friend Audrey used to call me the Queen of Coincidence.  The reality?  I trusted my intuition -- and acted upon it.

There was magic on that path.
So today I am looking within and creating new goals from the yearnings of my heart, rather than just the demands in my head.

I'll let you know what happens.
May spring's renewal infuse you with creativity, joy and wonder.

Here's what clients are saying:
"Robin has an ability to reconfigure furniture in her mind and come up with several creative options that are more interesting and/or more workable than whatever you’ve fallen into. Some suggestions would even take less time and money than what I had in mind."  -- Deane, Baltimore


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Simple choices can make a world of difference in our health and those we love. 

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