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There is no denying it, COVID 19 is coming to our town.  This email covers Sand and Steel's response to the coronavirus threat.  We want you to be protected.  So please take 5 minutes to review this email thoroughly.  It will bring you up to speed on policy updates that protect your health & safety.

We are a small business -- and you can email me back by hitting reply.  You can also call us at anytime.  703.854.9960 - Paul
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Measures We Have Taken to Protect You Against COVID-19

We are firmly rooted in the belief that exercise is medicine. We care about our Sand & Steel family, and we want help you stay strong and healthy. We have spoken with many of you in person and you have expressed that our workouts are helping you physically and emotionally during this time. We will do our best to continue to provide these services.

Standing Health Policies

  1. We have always implemented strict equipment cleaning and “no training when sick” policies for our clients and staff. 
  2. Our gym is spacious, private sessions are structured so that everyone has plenty of room, and our classes are small.
  3. Be considerate of others.  If you have been possibly exposed to COVID 19 (at home, church, work, etc.) please request a HOLD and stay home 3-5 days to make sure you are not contagious.

COVID-19 Policy Update 3 weeks ago:

  • All employees were required to wash their hands every two hours.
  • We doubled the cleaning budget purchasing over $500 worth of wipes and cleaning supplies.

COVID-19 Policy Update 2 weeks ago:

  • Everyone who entered the building to wash hands upon arrival
  • Everything touched must be wiped down

COVID-19 Policy Update Last Week:

  • Restructured personal training hours to accommodate midday clients and reduce the number of clients in the gym during peak hours
  • Implemented a “no touch” policy, which requires our Coaches to use verbal and visual cues only during training
I'm sure you have seen businesses closing down (especially yoga studios and big gyms)  So while I would agree going to a regular gym isn’t a good idea – the risk at Sand & Steel is substantially lower.  But exactly how much lower -- there is no way to precisely determine the transmission risk.

As of today, the main transmission vector of COVID 19 is airborne transmission.  So avoiding crowds is very important.  We are adding in several key measures to further protect you with regard to social distancing.

Open Gym Policies - Key Updates

  1. You must register for every hour you plan to be in the gym.  So if you want to lift from 7AM-9AM, you need to register for 7AM and 9AM.  You may register for up to 3 hours in any given day.
  2. We are capping the max attendance in open gym to 8 people per hour.
  3. I changed our Open Gym Settings so you can see how many people are in each open gym session.
  4. If you attend open gym without reserving you'll be charged the drop-in rate ($15 per hour) for every hour you are there.  That could be a lot of money -- we are taking these attendance caps seriously.
  5. The booking window is 6 hours before for self-serve.  If you need to book inside this window, you must email Sand and Steel Fitness and obtain permission.
  6. Social monitoring.  I have enabled all members to see who has registered for open gym.  If you see more than 8 people there -- you can see who is supposed to be there and who is not.  Call me if someone doesn't follow the registration rules.
  7. Wipe down every surface you touch.  Plates, bars, the floor, mats.
  8. Open Membership is $65 / month.  Sign-up here.
  9. Open Gym Members, please reply to this email and confirm you understand these policies.  Your open gym access will be frozen as of tomorrow if you don't reply.  You will need to "rebook" any session you had previously booked.  I apologize for the extra work.

Fitness Classes - Key Updates

  1. All classes are now capped at 8 people. 
  2. I changed settings to allow you to see how many people are registered in the class.
  3. We are going to have a team equipment wipedown at the end of every session. This means we are going to clean all the equipment and make sure every person in the class is satisfied that all surfaces have been cleaned.
  4. We will be moving to a class heart rate monitor solution for classes starting March 28.  You'll need your own HRM for the class.  If you don't have one, you'll be able to rent one for $15/month.  For more on our heart rate monitors, please see our heart rate monitor article.  If you want to rent one, email me today or tomorrow.  I am going to buying new monitors for anyone that wants to rent one.

Home Workout Programming

For the past year, I have been working on building out a bigger and better online workout solution.  I can't think of any better time to release it than now.

All of our programs are entered into SugarWOD as tracks.  You access the program by selecting your Track in SugarWOD.  You can record your workouts in SugarWOD so you access them whenever you want to see what you did.

Workout of the Day: Free

This our group classes track.  All Sand and Steel members get access to this track for free.  You have access to this track even if you have a hold on your account.

At Home - No Equipment: $9/Month Free

Specially designed for working at home with no equipment.  We are going to making this program available for free for any Sand and Steel Member that requests it.  Program will be available as long as the Coronavirus remains an active threat in the Alexandria VA area.  5 Days a Week program. 

Strength & Conditioning: $19/Month

A strength exercises followed by a metcon.  Tried and true.  7 Days a Week.

Burn: $19/Month

A weight loss program designed to burn as many calories as possible to maximize weight loss.  7 Days a week.

CrossFit GPP: $24/Month

A complete CrossFit program.  Full featured with warmups, cooldowns, mobility work, strength, metcons, & gymnastics work.  7 days a week.

Signature Customized: $29/Month

A true customizable online training experience.  With this option you add select blocks to add to your workout.  Block 1: Every day starts with a Strength Exercise -- like the back squat.  Block 2: You choose either Metcon or Barbell Club workout.  Work on what you need.  Block 3: choose additional strength work or additional conditioning work as needed.  Block 4: Competition Work.  Workouts focused on CrossFit competition skills (like the handstand walk)

Combo Pack: $39/Month

You'll get access to all 5 training systems for one price.  You select your track via SugarWOD.  You can change your tracks instantly.

Subscribing to our Online Workout Programming

New Clients

Select the program that you want here and pay for it.  We'll add your private track(s) into SugarWOD.  You access the program via SugarWOD.

Existing Clients

Workout of the Day: already included in your membership (even Open Gym).  Download SugarWOD and connect to the Sand and Steel channel.

At Home: email Paul if you'd this private track included for free.

All other memberships: select the program you would like here.

Putting Your Account on Hold

It has been Sand & Steel’s policy to allow a member to put a hold on their account for almost any reason.  Fears of contracting COVID-19 certainly qualifies.  

To put your account on hold, just reply to to this email and request the hold.  Your account will be placed on hold on hold until April 1, 2020.  Since we don't know how long COVID19 will be a threat, you can extend your hold by requesting a hold extension on March 30, March 31, or April 1.  The length of that hold extension will be one week by default. 

You can change the account hold duration at any time. You can also release the hold, by emailing us.  A hold pauses everything: deadlines, access and billing.  
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