Want to know how to properly use LinkedIn; check out our  special offer for @ Home Abroad followers! Is it possible to feel more at home in you host country than your home country? Read our latest guest blog to find out.  Find out about Midsummer traditions all over the world in our Fun Fact for June and see what's happening in June around theNetherlands! 
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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the June edition of the @ Home Abroad newsletter!

Is it possible to feel more at home in your host country than your home country? Read about Petra Fischer's challenges moving back to the Netherlands after a 10 year stint abroad in our latest Guest Blog article.

If you're looking to increase your online professional profile in the Netherlands we have a special offer for you! Petra is offering a free half hour one-on-one LinkedIn coaching session to @ Home Abroad followers if you sign up to her 'Learn to make LinkedIn Work for You' workshop (just add @ Home Abroad in the sign up form). 

Find out about Midsummer traditions in various cultures around the world in our Fun Fact for June section. The 'What's On' guide for the month has lots of interesting events; practice your Dutch whilst learning about the history and traditions of 'Vlaggetjesdag', meet other expats at a Meet and Greet, visit the dinosaurs, sing alongs to Dutch songs and learn to be an effective negotiator!

We also have information on the services we provide plus some interesting workshops guaranteed to get you feeling more comfortable living and working in the Netherlands.

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Fun Fact for June!
Midsummer Celebrations
The Midsummer celebration is one of the oldest holidays in human history. Originally a pagan festival honoring the summer solstice, it has since been incorporated into the Christian religious calendar as ‘St. John’s Day’.

In modern times Midsummer is celebrated in many ways by different cultures around the world. In Brazil candle boats are sailed down rivers and in Spain bonfires and firework displays set the stage for all night beach parties. Midsummer in Latvia involves lots of cheese, beer and bonfires whereas in Sweden the flower festooned maypole is centre stage for all celebrations with flowers, food and (yes you guessed it!) alcohol flowing in abundance. Portuguese celebrations bear a remarkable resemblace to Mardi Gras where just about anything goes (including banging your neighbour on the head with a flowering garlic plant for good luck!). Young Russian girls float flower garlands on rivers to tell their fortunes, whilst in the UK Stonehenge is host to many different types of celebrations and ceremonies. 
The Dutch Culture Blog
Guest Blog: What makes you an Expat?

Is it possible to feel more at home in your host country than your home country? Read about the challenges Petra faced when she moved back to the Netherlands after a 10 year stint abroad.

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Upcoming Workshops

How to Survive (& be Happy) Living in the Netherlands

Are you finding it difficult is interact and understand the Dutch? Are you a little homesick or frustrated with life here?

Each country has its own unique culture and way of doing things; the Netherlands is no different. This workshop on cultural differences and awareness will give you a deeper understanding of both your own culture and the Dutch culture which combined with practical recommendations will make it possible for you to not only survive, but be happy living in the Netherlands. It is citable for both newcomers and those already here for a while

For further information and sign-up click here

Doing Business with the Dutch

Do you have Dutch colleagues, business partners, customers or a Dutch manager?

Are your interactions with the Dutch successful? Do you get what you need from the relationship? Do you understand the business culture?

This 2 part workshop will give you invaluable insight into the Dutch business culture which combined with practical recommendations will increase the effectiveness and success of your interactions and negotiations with the Dutch.

For more information and sign-up click here
Translation Services

You've received a letter in Dutch, you probably want to throw it away but have no idea if it's important or not!

Send us your bank letters, insurance forms, parking tickets, energy bills etc and we will provide a summary of what it says, what you need to do next and most importantly how/where to do that. We can also make calls and fill out forms on you behalf, and attend Dutch language meetings for you.

For more information visit our contact pagemail us, or or simply call us on +31 (0)6 811 33 988.
One-to-One Coaching Services
Having difficulties settling into your new life in the Netherlands? Do you sometime feel a little alienated, homesick, frustrated or angry at the Dutch and don't know what to do about it?

@ Home Abroad provides personalised one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions at a time and location that suits you. We will help you overcome the challenges of living and working away from home. Our clients go away happy and comfortable living in the Netherlands!
We offer a free 20 minute telephone/skype consultation.

For more information please visit our contact page, email us or call on +31 (0)6 811 33 988
Business Solutions
@ Home Abroad provides unique, tailor made cross-cultural solutions to companies and institutions with international employees and/or international customers.

We will ensure that your international employees settle quickly into their new business environment allowing them to reach the targets you hired for them. 
We will work with your managers, team leaders, sales representatives and negotiators demonstrating the tools they can use to reconcile and resolve cultural differences in their dealings with both your international (potential) customers and employees.

Our unique solutions give you the edge over your competition.

For further information please visit our contact page, email us, or call us on +31 (0)6 811 33 988
What's on in June!
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