Culture Shock - why do some people deal with it better? Going Exploring. Diwali. Doing Business with the Dutch. Fine & Decorative Art Shop Opening. Designing your Meaningful Career. Building Investment Portfolios. How to Survive your first SInterklaas Season. Succeeding in International Business. Museum Tours for Fashionistas & Art Lovers...and much more..
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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the November edition of the At Home Abroad newsletter. 

Are you finding it hard to settle in? You may be effected by culture shock. Our latest blog looks at why some people deal with it better than others. The Tip of the Month section suggests that you go exploring and our Fun Fact looks at the Indian festival of Diwali. 

We have workshops on 'Doing Business with the Dutch' and 'Succeeding in International Business', as well as some themed networking dinners, an Australian Film Festival and the big opening of a new fine & decorative arts shop in Arnhem. Check out the events guide for lots more to do this month.

As usual we have a hand picked list of articles we think you might find interesting plus information on the workshops we offer covering everything from helping you settle into your new life in the Netherlands to succeeding in the international business environment.

As always feel free to contact us with comments, questions or suggestions for things you would like us to include in the newsletter. And if you don't want to hear from us anymore simply scroll down to the botton and hit the 'unsubscribe' button, we won't be offended!

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Fun Fact for November
Diwali or ‘the festival of lights’ is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in autumn every year. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. Before Diwali night, people clean, renovate and decorate their homes and offices. On Diwali night, Hindus dress up in new clothes or their best outfit, light up 'diyas' (lamps and candles) inside and outside their home, participate in family puja (prayers) typically to Lakshmi; the goddess of wealth and prosperity. After puja, fireworks follow, then a family feast and an exchange of gifts between family members and close friends.

The Dutch Culture Blog
Culture Shock: Why do some deal with it better than others
Culture Shock is the period of adjustment a person goes through when taken out of their home culture and put into a new one.  It often comes with periods of alienation, frustration and homesickness and isn’t very nice. We all go through it but why does it affect some more than others?
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Tip of the Month
Go Exploring
If you’re finding it hard to settle in going exploring is a great way of getting to know your new home country and discovering fun things to do. Whether it’s the parks or shops in your local neighbourhood, ethnic restaurants or museums in the city or day/weekend trips a bit further afield it will give you a great feel for the Netherlands and what there is to do. 

If you like walking head to the Veluwe National Park and the surroundings. If you’re more of a city person don’t just limit yourself to the ‘Randstad’ or the west of the country. Maastricht is a really pretty city with great shopping and lovely cafes and restaurants whilst Groningen is a very relaxed student city with plenty of nightlife. For a weekend away from it all head to the Wadden Islands, just make sure to go off-season if you want real peace and quiet! There’s not much to do apart from biking, long walks on the beach and popping in and out of the local cafes. If you like biking the whole of the Netherlands is covered is marked cycling routes, just take your pick.

There is plenty of exploring to be done; the problem may be deciding where to go first!

Interesting Articles


November Events Guide

At Home Abroad Workshops
How to Survive (& be Happy!) Living in the Netherlands

If you're finding it hard to settle into your new life in the Netherlands, feeling a little alienated, frustrated or homesick and having difficulty interacting with the Dutch, or you are interested in learning more about the Dutch culture and mentality then this workshop is for you!

Next workshop: Nov 8th
For further information and sign-up click here
For Partners: How to Survive (& be Happy!) Living in the Netherlands

Did you come here for your partners career and are you finding it hard to settle in and build a life for yourself here? Are you feeling a little homesick and alienated and finding it hard to interact with the Dutch, or are you interested in leaning more about the Dutch people, their culture and mentality? This workshop is for you!

Next workshop: coming soon
For more information and sign-up click here
Doing Business with the Dutch

Do you have Dutch colleagues, clients or business partners? If so understanding how the local culture influences the way business is done is crucial to a successful business enterprise.

Next workshop: Nov 13th
For more information and sign-up click 
Succeeding in International Business

How we conduct business and deal with business partners, colleagues, managers and clients is strongly influenced by our cultural background. Working in an international business environment is challenging in that in additions to the 'corporate' culture present, individuals' own cultures will strongly influence how things are done. The ability to successfully deal with cultural differences is crucial for success.

Next workshop: Nov 20th
For more information and sign-up click


Business Solutions
At Home Abroad provides fully customised cross-cultural trainings, workshops and consultancy to companies and institutions with international employees, clients or business partners.

We will ensure that your international employees settle quickly into their new business environment allowing them to reach the targets you hired for them. 
We will work with your managers, team leaders, sales representatives and negotiators demonstrating the tools they can use to reconcile and resolve cultural differences in their dealings with both your international (potential) customers and employees.

Our unique solutions give you the edge over your competition.

For further information please visit our contact page, email us, or call us on +31 (0)6 811 33 988
One to One Coaching Services
Having difficulties settling into your new life in the Netherlands? Do you sometime feel a little alienated, homesick, frustrated or angry at the Dutch and don't know what to do about it?

At Home Abroad provides personalised one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions at a time and location that suits you. We will help you overcome the challenges of living and working away from home. Our clients go away happy and comfortable living in the Netherlands!
We offer a free 20 minute telephone/skype consultation.

For more information please visit our contact page, email us or call on +31 (0)6 811 33 988

Translation Services

You've received a letter in Dutch, you probably want to throw it away but have no idea if it's important or not!

Send us your bank letters, insurance forms, parking tickets, energy bills etc and we will provide a summary of what it says, what you need to do next and most importantly how/where to do that. We can also make calls and fill out forms on you behalf, and attend Dutch language meetings for you.

For more information visit our contact pagemail us, or or simply call us on +31 (0)6 811 33 988.

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