Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.

– Pierre de Chardin

In between sporadic bouts of moaning about the pain that followed my wisdom teeth being extracted last week, I was actually pretty productive and creative!

I managed to submit eight sketches to one of my publishers (they're going to create another multi-artist colouring book next year), create five new colouring pages for a Christmas package I'm assembling for a local artisan shop (and get an offer to do some part-time work there before Christmas!), shorten my kitchen curtains, brainstorm ideas for how to move my art studio back down into my home by spring (it was fun to expand into bigger space for a while but I finally concluded it just doesn't make financial sense in the long run), and sketch out the pattern for a quilt I want to start working on.

The other thing I felt ready to do was launch the Whimsy & Wisdom private Facebook group I had mentioned a few months ago. A good number of you said you loved the idea and a few others said you might be interested, if you knew more about it. 

Here's my plan. Subcribers to this newsletter who use Facebook are all invited to join this group: If you are interested, you should be able to join automatically from the link I've provided because I pre-approved everyone on this mailing list in late August. Anyone who has subscribed since then can request to join and I'll just approve the request as soon as I see it. 

Every week I'll invite you to share comments, questions, insights, etc. on that week's newsletter. I may repost some of the links or post reminders about the monthly giveaways, etc. I'll upload any freebie printables or graphics I've shared in the newsletters into handy albums so you can have easy access to them. Sometimes I'll post bonus material. Occasionally I'll show you something I'm working on and ask for feedback, or I may conduct quick surveys to get ideas for future issues of W&W.

No politics. No debates. No expectations. It will be casual and relaxed, a place to "inspire seriously joyful living"—my motto—and find some encouragement, whimsy, and wisdom. Maybe you'll even make a new friend. (Quebec friends probably heard the Pharmacie Jean Coutu jingle in their heads just then... "on trouve de tout, même un ami!") :) 

Are you in? See you there! 

Oh, and don't forget to enter the November giveaway by responding to this month's question: What is your favourite quote, Bible verse, or song lyric? 

BOOK: Tonight I'm finally going to start reading Once Upon a Wardrobe by Patti Callahan. I'm so excited! (I'm also annoyed to see that it's now also available in paperback, for a lower price, with a prettier cover. Oh well.) :)

TV SHOW: I know I mention a lot of cooking shows but MasterChef Australia may be my favourite one yet. I think I'm watching the 2016 season right now.

At one time or another in our lives, most of us become preoccupied by something, whether it’s a problem, a goal, a desire, a relationship, or any number of other things. We can spend so much time and emotional energy on this “thing” that we lose sight of whatever else is going on around us, or the consequences of our priorities. If we’re not careful, we can cross the line of obsession, compulsion, or addiction. It could be a noble or innocent pastime or interest, but when it begins to consume us, we need to take a step back.

Our choices about where we invest our energy and attention may affect, for example:

  • how much attention we give to family members and friends
  • how willing we are to volunteer when our talents and gifts are needed
  • what we spend our money on
  • our stress levels
  • our health
  • our attitudes
  • how much time we spend in prayer and reading the Bible
  • our spiritual and emotional well-being

Perhaps the problem is that we don’t stop to think about whether our current priorities will matter in eternity—or even in the long term here on earth. We may be accustomed to seeking instant gratification instead of investing our time, talents, energy, and resources into people and opportunities that please God, bless others and, as a result, bring us true joy—not just pleasure—as well.

We may find it easy, even justifiable, to hold grudges or withhold love when someone has upset us, or to feel grumpy when life gets tough, because we’re focused on how we feel right now, rather than on God’s promises and how we can trust Him with both the present and the future if we commit them to Him.

Jesus advised us: “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal” (Matthew 6:19-20).

He knows the temporary pleasures or problems of life have little impact on our long-term joy and blessings, which is why He reminded us that we need to pay attention to the things that really matter—now, five years from now, on our deathbeds and in eternity.

What are you preoccupied with right now? Will it stand the test of time?

whimsy & wisdom from the world wide web

This clickable chart is a great reference for understanding what all the different elements on the periodic table actually DO. Sure, we know what gold and sodium and oxygen are good for, but what about ruthenium, bismuth, or antimony? 

Last November, I wrote a blog post listing 13 books I read in 2020 that I highly recommended. I really should make a new list but, looking over this one, I stand by each suggestion. Maybe you'll find something for you!

A feel-good story about Benjamin and Mary, neighbours who became good buddies during the pandemic. Awww... :)


(n) An ornamental covering for the backs and arms of chairs and sofas to keep them from being soiled by oil from hair.

(Yes, those things in your grandma's house had a fancy name! I learned this word while reading Jan Karon's
A New Song.)

Confidence isn't thinking you are better than anyone else. It's realizing that you have no reason to compare yourself to anyone else.

– Maryam Hasnaa

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