How I Heal Others

September 22, 2022

Stress and overworking ourselves causes a mix of issues from fatigue, mental drain, feeling numb, and physical and emotional blockages.

I help people combat those issues using a mix of modalities to help the physical and mental stress.

This week I worked a few clients and while each client had different major results they all left feeling calm and rested.

Some of their ailments were fatigue, headaches, body numbness and mental fog, and body joint pains. All of them benefited from energy and vibrational healing in their own way this week and I must say their feedback the next day just makes me smile.

Healing and helping others has always been my life’s goal. The fact that I get to do it is just still amazing to me!

Retrograde is here and I know we are all feeling it, myself included. Remember to look at retrogrades as a time for reviewing, revising, resting and rejuvenation. Take some down time and practice some self-care.

Have a great rest of the week.

Much Love,


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