Thank You!

I am so blessed and excited to announce our new schedule.

As of September evening availabilities are available in our new location over at Revolution Wellness in Yorktown!

It has been a ling journey to get back to this point for me since covid hit and we closed down the studio.

I remember being so upset thinking I was going to lose all my student and clients whom I just adored and loved serving. You guys have stuck by me through live video sessions and private in home sessions.

I just couldn’t be happier and honored by all your support.

I am enjoying the sessions on Sundays at Ginger Voodoo in Phoebus and now get to offer more sessions during evening hours.

Services offered are

Yoga Therapy

Vibrational Sound Healing

Reiki- Energy Healing

All Sacred Wellness Sessions

Schedule your sessions on our website!

Much love and gratitude