What is “Junk Food” to You?

When I started Priestess school one of the first lessons we had was identifying and removing the junk from our life for one month. We looked at what was no longer serving us and made an honest effort to remove it all while recording and reporting our progress.

This can be found in all aspects of your life. We are detoxing from things that no longer belong in our life, the things that hold us back and distract us from our goals and healthy habits and boundaries.

What are these thing to you? For me it was Social Media, the News, Excessive shopping, Mindless Eating and letting my boundaries slide.

So much can build up and quick that by the time we realize it we feel overwhelmed and defeated. Don't worry though because you can push through and remove the "junk food" from your life. You are not alone.

Make a list of what consumes your peace and your time. Prioritize the list. Is this list getting you closer to the life you want to live? Is it expressing your authentic passions and personal goals? Changes need to be made in order to achieve our goals, otherwise we would all be exactly where we need and want to be. Change is uncomfortable and scary but it's not unattainable.

Are you ready to remove the "junk food" and work toward a better more peaceful future?

I know I am.

Much Love


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