"Shinobi's Shapeshifter"
by Dan Green
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Hey Everyone! A lot of great stuff going on with the IO Shinobi. I wanted to highlight some new Psychometrics that we offer and showcase our latest #1 Ninja.

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Issue Highlights 
  • Discover the Dark Side of Your Personality
  • What the World Class HDS Measures
  • The Benefits of Executive Coaching
  • Shinobi's #1 Ninja
  • The IO Shinobi on MFP Podcast
  • Top Blog Posts
  • The 2014 IT Skills & Salary Report
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The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) describes the dark side of personality – qualities that emerge in times of increased strain and can disrupt relationships, damage reputations, and derail peoples’ chances of success. By assessing dark-side personality, you can recognize and mitigate performance risks before they become a problem.
These are measurable career derailers that may be blocking your advancement.
The HDS measures dark side personality along 11 scales. The following describe high scorers:

Excitable: moody, hard to please, and emotionally volatile
Skeptical: suspicious, sensitive to criticism, and expecting betrayal
Cautious: risk averse, resistant to change, and slow to make decisions
Reserved: aloof, uncommunicative, and indifferent to the feelings of others
Leisurely: overtly cooperative, but privately irritable, stubborn, and uncooperative
Bold: overly self-confident, arrogant, and entitled
Mischievous: charming, risk-taking, and excitement-seeking
Colorful: dramatic, attention-seeking, and interruptive
Imaginative: creative, but thinking and acting in unusual or eccentric ways
Diligent: meticulous, precise, hard to please, and micromanaging
Dutiful: eager to please and reluctant to act independently or against popular opinion

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What is Executive Coaching?

“The essence of executive coaching is helping leaders get unstuck from their dilemmas and assisting them to transfer their learning into results for the organization.”

Executive coaching fosters self-discovery and performance improvement, with the goal being to increase the client’s managerial and leadership performance, emotional intelligence, and executive-level skills. Executive coaching develops the leadership skills of high-potential individuals, improves the odds that newly promoted managers will be successful, corrects behavioral problems at the management level, and helps leaders resolve interpersonal conflicts among employees by creating high-caliber, super rewarding, and extremely loyal company cultures. Executive coaching is for C-level executives, emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, or anyone who is ready to take their personal and professional lives to the next level.

Common Individual and Team Coaching Goals Include:

  • Successful transition to a leadership role
  • Creating a winning culture
  • Reducing employee turnover
  • Increasing employee motivation
  • Boosting sales figures and customer satisfaction scores
  • Developing and leading high performance teams
  • Creating a powerful executive presence
  • Boosting Emotional Intelligence and self awareness, perception and expression
  • Discovering new career paths and successful transition
  • Mastering public speaking and executive presentation
  • Building more productive relationships
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Shinobi's #1 Ninja - Joel Anderson

Firefighter, Keynote Speaker, American Hero

Shinobi's #1 Ninja is about career progression, calculated risk, and achieving success.

About Joel

Joel believes leading by example is the center of authentic leadership, both in in one’s personal life and in business.

Joel has an extensive and diverse background in athletics from National level competition to coaching and training at all levels.  In 1996 at 21 years old he was the GM for an elite power-lifting gym in Arizona.  In 2001 he and his wife started their own athletic training business and today they run a successful photography business together.  In 2004 he decided to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a Firefighter and graduated the same year from the nationally accredited Phoenix Fire Training Academy.  As a Firefighter, Joel continued to increase his experience and knowledge.  While teaching and coaching other aspiring firefighter he also pursued a graduate degree from the Ken Blanchard College of Business in Leadership, earning his MSL in 2013.  Joel is also passionate about giving back to his community.  In 2009 he spent 19 days walking 378 miles across the State of Arizona to raise awareness and funds for abandoned, abused and neglected children.  In 2008 Joel had the incredible opportunity to compete for one million dollars on the hit reality TV show SURVIVOR.  He is still involved with multiple charities working with other reality TV contestants to add value to others through their experiences. 

In 2013 Joel combined all of his experiences and knowledge to form My FIRE Point LLC. 

My FIRE Point is a system based on fire ground strategies and tactics to help you discover your fire point so you can Ignite, Unite and Change the World.  In both business and in personal life it is critical to know your purpose.  A genuine purpose is infused with passion.  The My FIRE Point system is one that helps you define your purpose and your passion so you live life on purpose and with passion.  This allows you to have more confidence and courage to move forward with controlled aggression to attack the fires that stand in your way.  You learn to fight fire with FIRE, the FIRE point system.  It is not a feel good mumbo jumbo system filled with today’s buzz words.  The My FIRE Point system is practical, applicable and replicable.  It’s a system that Joel personally stakes his life on when he fight fires and you can too.

Connect with Joel and discover your FIRE point!


Joel is also on LinkedIn and Google+ and Instagram as Joel R. Anderson

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