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November 2016

Over the last year, Chad Clendinen and I have been working on a short documentary regarding my journey to visit all the U.S. national parks. It's almost finished, but now we need your help making the vision a reality. We've therefore launched our first-ever Kickstarter campaign. Please watch the video below for more information or go directly to our Kickstarter page.
Watch the video explaining why Chad Clendinen wanted to tell Tyler Dunning's story of visiting all the U.S. national parks—then support their documentary-in-progress by visiting their Kickstarter campaign.
It's a weird thing asking for help. We feel shamed by it, as if a sign of weakness or an admission of failure. But after watching Amanda Palmer's Ted Talk a few years ago, I started re-examining the concept of "help." In 2015, I set the resolution of asking people for more things—this came in the form of asking fellow artist to work with me (Matt Woods with Grim Love; Alex Newby with Indian Relay; many, many others with I'M FUCK*D; coordinating a tour with Tom Hymn and then another with Raf Deza), asking countless journals and magazines to publish my shit, asking editors to tear my work apart (doesn't feel good), asking people to spend time with me, go on walks, visit national parks. Everything proved rewarding.

I've always been leary of Kickstarter projects. They seem Millennial. They seem privileged. But, in truth, they are just the continuation and evolution of the artists' plea: through residencies, through fellowships, through grants, through state and nationally funded programs. What has changed, with technology of course, is accessibility: asking is no longer a strictly top down system but also bottom up. Crowd sourcing.

This is to say: I not only see this current project as a continuation of artistic legacy, but a continuation of my experimentation with writing and traveling. It's all a shared experience. And art should be shared. Exploration should be shared. Through collaboration we break open the possibilities of conversation. Art becomes a continued dialogue in this way, not an unbearable soliloquy. This, therefore, is an invitation to join this journey, whether through donation, through sharing our project via social media, or simply by becoming aware of it. No pressure. No expectations. Just love and loss and restoration and cigarettes at campsites and margaritas at favorite bars and friends that tell stories with you, whether at campsites, or bars, or with cameras.

Once again, our Kickstarter page.
Pieces published this month:

National Beauty Complex (Flaunt Magazine)

I didn't know this was published until months later, but here it is. I also need to point out a significant word missing regarding the Channel Islands: "getting only a few hundred visitors a year" should read "getting only a few hundred thousand visitors a year."
Song of the Month: Thrice's "Wake Up"

Just listen to the whole damn album To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere.
I spent a weekend near Index, Washington with a bunch of dear friends and enjoyed the crisp weather of the Cascades in autumn.
Glimpse of my parent's new cabin near Boulder, Montana. This is quickly becoming a favorite retreat.
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