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Global Flying Hospitals joins forces with Odulair

On September 17th, 2013 in Palm Springs, California, an Alliance Partnership signing was initiated between Odulair and GFH.  

Odulair is the world's leading manufacturer of custom mobile hospitals and clinics with over 40 medical specialties.  Each are designed by clinical professionals with expertise in their medical specialty.
Flying 21st Century Hospitals to the Patients
Normally, Odulair manufactures mobile hospitals and clinics for road transport.  This partnership launches a new paradigm in design, development and manufacturing, to create 21st Century hospitals for transport in Hercules cargo aircraft.  
Macau SAR Hub
GFH’s vision included basing its Asia Head Office and Hub in Macau.
Now, with Odulair’s alliance, GFH’s leadership can proceed in confidence, knowing the Hercules - Mobile Hospital ‘business model’ will further undergird its Macau base. Joint global marketing will demonstrate the new culture of humanitarian medical care.  And as GFH expands missions to surrounding countries, grows its fleet and Odulair manufactures its mobile hospitals, this logistic resource will produce solutions for our ailing world.

Dr. Anita Chambers – Pioneer
The agreement signing was initiated between Dr. Anita Chambers, President and Founder of Odulair, and Adam Newton, COO of Global Flying Hospitals. She is a medical professional and entrepreneur, who pioneered the main components of surgical units, long before big name manufacturers followed suit.  She is also responsible for developing many FDA cleared medical devices.

Dr. Chambers is a true pioneer, helping Global Flying Hospitals bring its vision of humanitarian medical care to the world!
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Global Flying Hospitals

GFH is the humanitarian medical organization creating a fleet of medical aircraft.

The focus is on 
providing advanced medical care to suffering people ... and training healthcare workers, in developing countries.

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Odulair's mobile hospital

Chairman's Message
Why give money away?
Hello, I'm Neill Newton.
 Some people have asked us why we bother helping sick people in developing countries. One even said; "Why give your money away?"  

It's because our planet's in real trouble.  It needs help!  Global warming, deforestation, pollution, decreasing wildlife ... and yes, millions in dire need of medical care! 

This world 's our responsibility. To help it, we must choose to be CREW ... not simply a passenger on our planet.  
By being crew, you're doing something to help heal our world. It may not be by supporting GFH, but it needs to be something. Make your choice today and if it's GFH;
 send us an email 

Glimpse the Future

Odulair's mobile hospitals are off-loadable and expandable with the touch of a button. Sterile operating suites fitted with the most modern medical equipment available.
Words cannot describe the sophistication!  From auxiliary solar-power to state-of-the-art medical equipment and tele-medicine, they are certified under rigid ISO 9001 standards.

GFH and Odulair are forging the way in creating the world’s medical aviation fleet, serving disaster areas, while simultaneously delivering medical missions and training in developing countries.

Global Flying Hospitals
Alliance Partner
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Alliance Partner

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