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All things are real because we believe in them, therefore they exist.
All Things Are Real Because We Believe in Them, Therefore They Exist

Now on exhibit at the Hygienic Art Galleries, "Exist" has been selected by juror Sharon Tripp Griffis for the 9th Crossing Biennial. The show runs until April 19, 2014. 

The full title for this piece is also the mantra that lies deep within. By building up layers of the same message over and over, the work is imbued with the Buddhist teachings of existence and what determines the "realness" of any object. 

The work begins with a layer of intensely dyed purple paper in which the first message has been impregnated with wax to resist the dye. After the paper has dried it is affixed to a panel with encaustic and further layering of the mantra; All things are real because we believe in them, therefore they exist. The message is written in wax, ink, conte, pencil, and china marker repeatedly. Thin layers of colored wax cocoon the phrases as they are fused together with heat and scraped back to reveal certain elements.

The final and perfect touch for this work was provided by Kim Bernard's Pendulum Performance where encaustic is dripped over the painting from a swinging metal cone creating a geometric pattern over the cosmic plane. Two works were created with this process in mind ("Exist" and "Golden Laws") as it fully encapsulates the drive behind much of Hannum's work pertaining to our relationship with the universe and her endeavors with spirograph art and spider webs. Many thanks, Kim!

from the beginning


"Clouds slowly passed overhead, a pod of whales journeying across the atmosphere." This was the first thought, the rough beginning of an idea that would soon become the Migration series. Simple shapes formed by sculpting cotton saturated in encaustic grew into a tale that has now been almost 2 years in the telling. 

It was that day of cloud watching when the idea rooted and these small forms took on a life and personality of their own. Landscapes were created for the creatures to inhabit with each work eliciting a moment in human history. These physiological landscapes mirror our own experiences as we make our way through the world. 

There are currently 12 works in the Migration series of which Migration, shown above, is the very first. Following newsletters will feature a different piece in the series based on the order in which they were created. Enjoy the journey!


Call to Artists

Submissions for the Artist WithIN are being accepted until May 1st at 5pm. Discover how to show your artwork by visiting the outCT website.

This may well be the first exhibition to feature LGBTQ artists in the area and Guido Garaycochea has graciously offered the use of his beautiful gallery, Expressiones, for Pride month in June. 

Not an LGBTQ artist? Join us for the opening reception on June 7th in downtown New London and pick up something for your art collection. 

Not only will this exhibition introduce the myriad of LGBTQ artists in the area, it will also help fund our Pride Festival at Ocean Beach on August 23, 2014, as all submission fees will go toward the Festival. 

So come join the fun! Visit outCT for details on this event and many others. 

As always, thank you for your continued support!
~Amy Hannum

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