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Hi, Art Lovers! Sending you a quick hello in between art and spiritual inspirations. 


In this newsletter:

- Otherly Lingual at Connecticut College
- Burning Man recap
- Studio Snapshot


Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception/Talk/Q&A
October 27 @ 4:15pm sharp
Chu Room at Charles E. Shain Library

Three major series of artwork including the Migration, Color Vibration and Spider Web series will be featured on all three floors of the Charles E. Shain Library and in the Special Collections office.

I spent 13 years working in the Library, mostly as html programmer and graphic designer for Information Services. I also studied Architecture and Sculpture at the College, so it's a bit like coming home. The exhibit will feature artwork made over the past 10 years, a few pieces were created on the College campus. 

Burning Man


My adventure began on August 26 when Keys, shown above, scooped me up at the Reno airport. We picked up final supplies and headed off to Black Rock City. After a 3-hour drive and a 3-hour wait to get into the event, we finally made it to his camp at Voodoo Soup around 4am. I grabbed some minimal items from the Boston container truck and got a full 2 hours of sleep.

The next morning Keys helped bring most of my gear to my new home at Barbie Death Camp. I was camped with the Swamp Yankees within the larger Barbie Village. No one else was due to arrive for a few days, so I hoisted my dome and helped Barbie Day Spa set up their structures. I also had the pleasure of helping the main camp set up their large and offensive art installation of Nazi Kens marching naked Barbies toward large ovens. Yes, it's tasteless, but the creator is Jewish...

Another project that needed work was the Cloud Car, one of Barbie's Art Cars. The clouds and lighting panels were made in Connecticut and shipped out to California for assemblage. My task was arranging and affixing the clouds to removable panels for easy storage. It was a large group effort that involved many steps. The final touch was the flame throwers on top. 

One more thing to add to my list of driving skills. Backing up the 28' Cloud Car, above, for a joy ride with campmates. The floors of the car are covered in blue plastic astroturf and yes, the cloud has a silver lining...and a sound system! It was a dream to drive and fun to put together.

There are a wide range of art cars on the playa and this was one of my favorites. Undoubtedly well-funded, this art car had an Aztec theme and a killer sound system. An array of twinkling white lights made the pyramid appear to sparkle and green laser lights erupted from the car in never-ending beams shooting across the desert. 

They say the Man was small this year, but does size really matter? The plan was to build the Man within a set of wheels that are attached to a Da Vincian cog system. The idea was that you could turn the lower wheels to turn the Man. It was a grand scheme and a valiant effort, but the complex project could not fully be realized. Surrounding pavilions were home to several makers-spaces that offered demonstrations by artisans. We burned it.

The Temple of Forgiveness, by David Best, offers a place of contemplation, reflection and prayer. Many visitors make little shrines to loved ones who have passed or write good wishes on its walls for those who are sick. The Temple burns on Sunday night, marking the end of the event. 

Black Rock Lighthouse Service is a series of lighthouses created by Max & Jonny Poynton, with interior installations by Gabriela Levandowski, Toshiaki Uchikoshi, Rebecca Anders, Gretchen Stamp, Raven & Luscious. 

Medusa Madness, by Kevin Clark. At night her eyes light up and look around, changing their expression. Her serpents release flame from their tongues. 

Check your emotional baggage before taking off on this 747 brought to you by Ken Feldman and crew. It will take you to any destination, and you may just be assaulted by snakes on the way, if you're lucky. 

These were just a few of the magnificent sculptural works in the deep playa. Many I never saw. Things pop up in the desert and then disappear before you even knew they were there. The playa is a magical place.

     Swamp Yankees on Burn Night giving the Burning Man salute
Being at Burning Man for 10 days was a gift and a trial. It restored my sense of humor and playfulness and provided endless opportunities for spontaneous creativity. I was covered in dust, overexposed, sleep deprived and loved every minute of it. But whenever someone asks me, "How was Burning Man?" my snarky response will be, "It was better next year."

Studio Snapshot

Finally getting around to casting internal organs. I hope to include different types of organs but need to find the right source. A local butcher provided the pig's heart, shown above, but other organs are difficult to find. A brain, lungs, kidneys, and other organs are also needed.

The heart had an expiration date and I was leaving for two weeks so only the first step of casting is complete, which is to create a wax mold. The next step is to make a plaster copy in the wax mold and then make a plaster mold of the plaster heart. Probably won't finish this in time for Otherly Lingual, but new work will be on display at that exhibition. 

Happy Fall, Art Lovers!

Life is moving pretty quickly these days. I've only just unpacked from my art adventure and I'll be heading out on a spiritual one. By the time you read this I will be hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

Hope you can make the opening at Connecticut College! There is also new work at the Courtyard Gallery that will be on display until the winter. 


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