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Greetings, Art Lovers! This newsletter comes to you from the set of our New Haven 48 Hour Film Project.


In this newsletter:

- 48 Hour Film Project, New Haven
- Da Vinci's Workshop
- Courtyard Gallery

48 Hour Film Project

New Haven, CT

           The writing team fleshes out the story of Blackmagic on Friday night. 
On July 29 I headed to New Haven to take part in a film competition that challenges teams to make an entire short film in only 48 hours. A line of dialogue, prop, genre and a character's name are given to each crew that must be used in the film which is then made from Friday to Sunday evenings. 

            Director, Ryan Licwinko works the script with actors Tim Smith and Dennis Wilson. 

We blindly selected Horror Film as our team's genre, and all groups were required to incorporate a fortune teller named Leon/Leona Midnight, a lollypop as a prop, and the line, "Oh, hell, no!" in their films.

            Color palette developed by Greg Colussy. 

We had the largest crew this year, around 30 people, and Jessica Labbe kept us all well fed with a variety of home-cooked feasts. I had the pleasure of working with Greg Colussy again, who put together a color palette inspired by Stanley Kubrick's classic, The Shining. It's always a pleasure to work as Art Director for Ryan Licwinko and his dedicated crew. 


Da Vinci's Workshop

Black Rock City, NV

    Burning Man 2010, the playa

Though I never planned to return, friends convinced me to journey back to Black Rock City this year to celebrate Burning Man in the Nevada desert. Burning Man is best described as an Art/Music/Fashion festival that takes place on the remains of a prehistoric lake. This year's theme is Da Vinci's Workshop, which will offer a series of maker's spaces in pavilions near "The Man", an effigy that is burned near the end of the event. 

           Burning Man 2010, Bliss Dance by Marco Cochrane with an art car

The festival lasts a week and, once you enter the gates, the only items for sale are ice and tea/coffee. The economy is one of gifting and everyone brings something to contribute. You need to pack in everything you need to survive as long as you are there, and pack it all out when you leave.

            Burning Man 2010, Flaming Lotus Girls project?

The environment can be anywhere from 30-120 degrees, with winds over 75 miles per hour carrying alkaline dust storms across what is called The Playa. Black Rock City becomes the residence of some 73,000 yogis, musicians, doctors, artists, engineers, and other participants who become the scenery. 

            Burning Man 2010, My campmates at the effigy burn

This year I will stay at Barbie Death Camp, a well-established wine bistro and piano bar known for its Barbie doll installation. Also new this year is the addition of a tailpipe flame-thrower to my Burning Man bicycle from 2010. My friend Rob Bareiss, who brought us the Flame Cycle at last year's Ice Carnival, adapted the game to fit a fully-functional bike. Having fire at the touch of a button is perfect for an art festival that loves flaming art. 


Courtyard Gallery

Mystic, CT

If you're taking a trip to Southeastern Connecticut this summer, be sure to visit the Courtyard Gallery  at 12 Water Street. It's tucked in behind Voodoo Grill. Join us at the Gallery every Sunday from 3-6pm for our weekly salons! 

That's all for now, Art Lovers. Please excuse any typos, out of the past 62 hours I've only had 8 hours of sleep while working on our film project.

Enjoy the rest of summer! The newsletter next month will come out after my return from Burning Man. It will be a week late, but I'll have more photos! 


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