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Happy New Year, Art Lovers!

2015 was filled with many achievements and lessons for me.  I encourage you to acknowledge all of your successes in 2015 as well, and give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it!

Some of my accomplishments were:

Gallery representation - Courtyard Gallery, Mystic, CT
Award recipient - CT Academy of Fine Arts
Grant recipient - SECT Cultural Coalition Regional Arts Initiative Grant
Letter of Intent accepted by Black Rock City Global Art Grants
Award recipient - MASS MoCA Assets for Artists program
Art studio acquired in downtown New London
3 new Reiki clients
3 new Interior Design clients
3 new Graphic Design clients


In this newsletter:

- Ice Carnival IV
- A Taste of Europe
- A Room of One’s Own
- Now Showing
- Tuesdays at the Attic 


January 30
6 - 10pm


    Hygienic Art Park, 89 Bank Street, New London, CT

A homemade carnival midway of interactive art erupts in the Hygienic Art Park for one night only. Games, fortune and surprises await you in the dark of night. Tickets for a song!
See pics from last year’s Carnival
Thank you, Southeastern Connecticut Cultural Coalition, for providing a $5K grant to help offset costs associated with the Carnival. The Coalition’s REGI grant will help reimburse over 30 Carnies for infrastructure, supplies, marketing and performance. And thank you to my Carnies, who have donated their resources in previous years. The Carnival would not exist without you! 

A Taste of Europe

Window boxes at Le Continental, 26 Rue Saint Louis
Do you ever wish that Europe were more easily accessible and less expensive? Do you long for its architecture, culture and unparalleled restaurant service? It may be closer than you think. For those in CT, Quebec City is only an 8-hour drive and very much worth the trip. When my husband and I honeymooned in Quebec City we promised to return for our 10th anniversary. The day after Christmas we made good on our word. We watched the City prepare for New Year’s Eve, reveled in its first winter storm and enjoyed traditional Quebecois fare, culture and art in the ancient walled city.
Here’s a list of my favorite restaurants, galleries and hangouts both inside and outside of the wall. ~ Bonne journée!
Aux Anciens Canadiens
Traditional cuisine with upscale atmosphere. No doggie bags here, unfortunately. Meat pies and maple sugar offerings, exquisite!
Au Petit Coin Breton
Authentic crêpes served by women in traditional garments. Light and slightly crispy crêpes, filled with jambon et fromage (ham and cheese) and more! 

Now trending…this hip spot is where young professionals come to dine and sip cocktails from the exhaustive list of concoctions. The focus is on mixology and the menu features new twists on pub favorites.

Galerie Lacroix A.C.
Fine art and sculpture.

Quebec Art
40 Rue Notre Dame
Contemporary Quebecois artists.

Galarie D’art
42a Rue Notre Dame
Quebecois artists 1750-1950.
Guy Levesque
Traditionally made leather masks and sculpture. 
A brewery and pub, Inox is a local hangout that sports the work of Quebecois artist Fred Jourdain. We drank beer and played cribbage surrounded by Jourdain’s portraits of Laurie Anderson, Frank Zappa, Kurt Cobain and other musical legends while listening to matching soundtrack.
Le Drague
A multi-level cabaret club offering nightly drag shows, fun cocktails and slot machines in an array of rooms.
Bar Ste-Angèle
26 Rue Sainte Angèle
Low-key and completely unpretentious, this bar looks like it hasn’t changed in a hundred years. Very rustic with lots of patina and a great drink selection, the bar offers live jazz on weekends.
Musée de L’Amérique Francophone
Exhibits tracking the settlements of early French explorers of as well as modern displays tying Quebecois craft, folk art and sculpture together.
Musée National des Beaux-Arts
Classic and contemporary art

clockwise from top left; decorations at Ville de Quebec, ice carvings at L'Atelier. Two scenes of fresh snow in Vieux Quebec (Old Town), December 29, 2015. 

A Room of One's Own

 240 State Street, home of PaintDragon art studio

One of the most important lessons learned in 2015 was the importance of separating work from home life, even just a tiny bit. For the past 4 years I have been practicing Interior Design, Graphic Design, Reiki and Art out of several rooms in my home in New London, CT. Although the house is of decent size and can accommodate these vocations, it became apparent that being at home was too distracting for artwork.
When you love what you do professionally, you rarely mind having it consume your thoughts and actions, but boundaries are important. When others finish their workday they leave work and come home. Wherever I was, I was at work, and there is always work to be done. I had lost that feeling of coming home. Securing a studio outside of the house offers relief from that.
Aside from writing the newsletter, much of my daily home office work is done in 3-4 hours. Making artwork, at least for me, often requires 8-12 hours of uninterrupted practice. Having the studio on State Street allows me that time. And when I am done, I can go home. 


Now Showing

Age Old is the latest contribution to my work at the Courtyard Gallery. See this and other works in beautiful Mystic, CT.

Encaustic and cotton on birch panel, 23x18

Courtyard Gallery
12 Water Street
Mystic CT
Until January 10
Cosmic Disc installation on display.
Encaustic and pigment on hand-cut acrylic disc with clip light, 9x9 each.

Spectrum Art Gallery
161 Main Street
Centerbrook, CT 

Tuesdays at the Attic

Artists talking about art and the art world, it's simultaneously dense and fun. Have something to contribute or in need of inspiration? Join us!

Tuesday, January 12
240 State Street, New London, CT

Keep up with future dates on Facebook, look for Tuesdays at the Attic.

Would you like to see more of my work in person, Art Lovers?
To arrange a studio visit call 860.303.6245. 

Thank you for your continued support!
~Amy Hannum

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