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Hope you had a great Halloween, Art Lovers!

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Decking the Halls


 Living room, photo by Gerry Wenner

A design project came across my desk last month that was a fresh twist on the usual request. Instead of designing for primary residents of a historic house, I was designing for their guests. Nathalie Bonaf√©, the host of an Airbnb in New Haven, called me to ready her oysterman's cottage for visitors.

   Master Bedroom, photo by Gerry Wenner

Nathalie wanted a comfortable, simple and elegant feel to the house and provided much of the furniture. The remaining tables, draperies, artwork and pillows, were easily obtained from local sources, including an antique shop across the street. The cozy, riverside retreat at 280 Front Street offers gorgeous views of the Quinnipiac River and is within walking distance to shops and local eateries. Check out the end results and you might suddenly find yourself planning a trip to New Haven.


   Me and Q, the 1984 Deux Chevaux in New London, CT
After many months away from my dear friend, the 2CV is finally back home. It spent the early spring in Hamden getting some pesky issues resolved when it was discovered that the chassis was kaput and needed to be replaced immediately. It was then taken to Cardone and Daughter where Ibrahim ElZain spent the summer getting to know the odd little car piece by piece.

When you replace a car chassis, you basically need to take apart the entire car and remove the engine, then remember how to put it all back together again. This is huge undertaking for anyone, but add to that the challenge of working on a French car and you begin to understand the magnitude of the job. The saying goes, "The French follow no one, and no one follows the French." The car is undoubtedly unique. 
   David Cardone and Ibrahim ElZain

The chassis was replaced in approximately 90 hours, taking time to repair a rusted firewall and make improvements to the rear brake and fuel lines. Ibrahim did beautiful work on the welding and took care in handling all the meticulous details. I wonder if he misses it now? I am very happy to have it back. 

Tuesdays at the Attic

Artists talking about art and the art world; it's simultaneously dense and fun. Have something to contribute or in need of inspiration? Join us!

Bring one work of art or one art topic for discussion/critique. Feel free to bring snacks and drinks.

Tuesday, November 10
519 Montauk Avenue, New London, CT

Keep up with future dates on Facebook, look for Tuesdays at the Attic.

Now Showing

Dorothy's Web is on display with other spiderweb and encaustic work until January 2016.

Courtyard Gallery
12 Water Street
Mystic CT

Let There be Light!
November 20 - January 10
Cosmic Discs and more

Spectrum Art Gallery
161 Main Street
Centerbrook, CT 
         Owl, plaster and pigment, 24x24 at the Marquee Gallery until November 5.  

Whenever I am lost, in a building or while driving, and am beginning to get exasperated, it is very common for me to site an owl. It could be that an owl swoops down near my car or I see a poster of an owl in a building. Seeing the owl gives me comfort and clarity that is difficult to put into words, yet instantly I know exactly where to go. After finishing a large-scale project I needed something to spark my next creative endeavor when I heard owls talking to each other in the woods. This owl was created that very evening.

Marquee Gallery
74 State Street
New London, CT

Hope you didn't eat too much Halloween candy, Art Lovers. Save room for the upcoming Thanksgiving feasts!

Thank you for your continued support!
~Amy Hannum

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