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Happy New Year!

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- The Ice Carnival, January 25, 6-10pm, Hygienic Art Park, New London, CT
- The Power of Color; the art and science behind Green Torso
- Artist in Residence at Goodwin College Early Childhood Magnet School

Fun in the Cold!

The Ice Carnival

January 25 from 6-10pm, Hygienic Art Park, 83 Bank Street, New London, CT

Back by popular demand, the Ice Carnival shivers its way onto the lineup of Hygienic Annual Art Show events in 2014. For ONE NIGHT ONLY a motley crew of revelers has created a temporary carnival midway for you to enjoy. Compete for prizes, test your skill, try your fortune, or have it told.  Games, art and surprises await you in the dark of night. Tickets for a song.

The Ice Carnival is financed by the creative individuals running the event and we could use some help. In order to keep this event free and open to the public, please consider donating to our kickstarter page: All proceeds directly benefit the artists involved.

The Power of Color 


On Exhibit Now
Until January 24, Green Torso (shown above) will be on view at University Place Gallery in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. The triple pigment print from Hannum's Color Vibration series was selected by Juror Amy Sadao for the Cambridge Art Association's Biennial show RED. 

What inspired this piece?
Hannum's work as a Reiki Master has resulted in the development of a profound vocabulary of imagery and color that correlates with the health of her patients. During a Reiki session it is common for colors and images to appear in her mind's eye that communicate the presence of injury and dis-ease within the body of her patients. This energetic information guides the healing process and also inspires Hannum's artwork, specifically the Color Vibration series. More information is available on both the Color Vibration series and Hannum's Reiki practice at PaintDragon Design

What is a triple pigment print?
After the initial image is recreated in digital format, it is printed using an unprecedented archival technique. The same print is run through the printing process three times to achieve unbeatable color saturation. Hannum has had several professional art printing houses fail to recreate her process and some were unwilling to even attempt it, which makes these few existing prints extremely rare and desirable.

More about the making of Green Torso
Green Torso is one print of five that make up the Torso series. The imagery was initially generated during a Reiki session with a patient when a disturbance in energy was revealed in the patient's heart center. This disturbance appeared in Hannum's mind as a large black shape with yellow, orange, and red radiating within it. As healing energy was focused on the chest area the patient began to feel an amazing release of pent-up energy and the colors in Hannum's mind began to shift.

You can see the entire series at the bottom of the Color Vibration series page. This is just one of many amazing healing experiences witnessed by Hannum through energy work. To read more about her practice and artwork, please visit PaintDragon Design.     

Artist in Residence

Amy Hannum was selected to be the Artist in Residence at Goodwin College Early Childhood Magnet School in East Hartford, CT. Hannum will provide art instruction for kindergarten and pre-k students as part of their after-school program.  


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