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Happy Labor Day, Art Lovers!
Hope this newsletter finds you enjoying the last days of summer. This issue is packed with updates, new developments and loads of photos.

In this newsletter:

- Valhalla & the Valkyrie
- Tradition
- Courtyard Gallery
- Shout Out to Bob Thomas
- Tuesdays at the Attic

Valhalla & the Valkyrie
October 1 - November 1
Florence Griswold Museum

After visiting the annual Wee Faerie Village exhibition last year, and being blown away by the Artists' renditions of Through the Looking Glass with a steampunk twist, I was inspired to take on the challenge myself. 
This year's theme of Castles, Kingdoms and Palaces allows me to focus on an ancient myth that is close to my Norwegian roots, Valhalla. The apple tree picture above will become the seat of the Norse god Odin's favorite palace. From Valhalla, Odin sends out his winged battle-maidens, the Valkyrie, to collect heroes that have fallen in combat. The Valkyrie bring the heroes to Valhalla, meaning Hall of the Slain, where they feast and fight for eternity.



The crew survived another 48 Hour Film Project in New Haven this year, and managed to keep it cool while being trailed by a photojournalist and acquiring key actors at the last minute. Director Ryan Licwinko leads team "every one leaves new haven" on another creative adventure. 
         At the New Haven screening: Tom Breen, Michael Harris, Ryan Licwinko, Julius LaVaughn Stone Jr.,          Lisa Howie, Bruce Ditman, Tom Coben, Amy Hannum, Dennis James Wilson and Jessica Labbe
This year we were tasked with making a holiday film using the line, "She's a good friend of mine". We also needed an insurance agent named Rachel or Robert Poe and use a glove as a prop. Those were the requirements that needed to be met in a 4-7 minute film made in only 48 hours. 

As Art Director, I was able to create some very intriguing props this year, including a gun that Ryan swears was real and a very scary looking dreidel. One of these was nominated for best use of prop at the 48HR film awards. 

The film was also nominated for Best Music Score or Song, Best Hair & Makeup, and Best 48 Genre award, which we won! Great job team!
Tom Breen, journalist for the New Haven Independent, followed us throughout the process and matched our late nights and early mornings all weekend long. Read Tom's account of what it's like to partake in this harrowing project.

Check out the
trailer and the film

At the Hamden screening and awards ceremony: William Stadtler, Lisa Howie, Dennis James Wilson, Ryan Licwinko, Michael Harris, Bruce Ditman, Jessica Katon, Jessica Labbe and Tom Coben

Courtyard Gallery
12 Water Street
Mystic, CT
August 1- October 3

           Viewers discussing Up at the CAFA annual exhibition, Mystic Arts Center 2015
Every artist loves to get that phone call from a commercial gallery saying that they simply MUST have that piece you made. That phone call came from Kristen Bach at the Courtyard Gallery in Mystic. She and her husband and co-owner, Del-Bourree Bach, had seen the award-winning artwork at the CAFA exhibit the previous month. 
           Up, paraffin and colored sugar-water, at the Courtyard Gallery

The encaustic work, Up, will be for sale at the Courtyard Gallery along with several new spiderweb works as part of the Outside the Bachs exhibit.
(That red dot below Up was for one of Del's paintings that sold the night of the opening)

Shout Out to Bob Thomas!

Since I first registered PaintDragon as a business in Connecticut, Ring's End Paint Center in New London has been my go-to place for painting questions and equipment. Their knowledgable staff creates a fun and informative environment, and no one loves to get into the details of an art project more than the manager, Bob Thomas.

          Me and the Lobster before devastation in January of 2009

For more years than I can remember, Bob has not only answered all of my tricky art and design questions, but has donated supplies to my creative endeavors ranging from red paint for the Lobster Bash to a poly-resin sealant that I am currently using on the Valkyrie figure. Being a talented artist himself, Bob's advice and sense of humor have helped me through many projects. 

Thank you, Bob,
and everyone else at Ring's End!
I owe you cookies, or donuts, or something healthier? 

Tuesdays at the Attic

This month's Attic meet-up will be hosted by fellow artist, Jon Day, as I will be away at Kim Bernard's Professional Retreat on Star Island. Jon is always inspiring and invigorating to talk with; don't miss out!

Tuesday, September 8
7-10 pm
429 Colonel Ledyard Highway, Groton, CT

Please see our public Facebook event for details: Tuesdays at the Attic
Thanks for keeping in touch, Art Lovers, and for taking the time to be a part of it all. Your interest and support helps keep me going!

~Amy Hannum

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