The Buried Moon Virtual Spiritual Retreat

Week Two, Day Four

   This week we will bring our ears into holy attention by listening to music as a spiritual practice. Music and song have been used for meditation, ritual, worship, and prayer, for thousands of years. Like Visio Divina, Audio Divina allows us to explore any musical form as a conduit for sacred connection and self revelation. To practice Audio Divina, We will listen to the same song three times with different intentions and postures for each listening. 
      The song we will use is 'Amhran Na Farraige' (or Song of the Sea) sung by Lisa Hannigan. This song narrates another celtic myth which centers on the selkie; selkie are seals who shape-shift into women under the light of the full moon. 'Amhran Na Farraige'  focuses on the complexity of living in liminal space-a challenge we are all experiencing right now. By entering into a sister myth we are able to learn new themes and truths from The Buried Moon and tune into our own inner-voice anew. 

Sacred Aesthetic Experience: Audio Divina
(Audio Divina guide this week adapted from Christine Vaulters Paintner's Abbey of the Arts)

Light your Candle and set this space apart for retreat space, for heart space. Prepare for Audio Divina by clicking the video link below to cue up the song Amhran Na Farraige by Lisa Hannigan. 

Settling and Shimmering Breathe deeply. Move your awareness down to your heart center. Settle into this moment. Press play or click on the image below to start the song. Lend a soft ear to the music surrounding you. Release any thoughts or expectations. Explore all of the details, sounds, tenors, and rhythms. Notice what catches your attention. Let your ear linger on phrases or sounds that shimmer to you.

Savoring and Stirring Staying with what shimmers, play the song a second time. Close your eyes and allow it to unfold in your heart, savoring your experience. Make space within for images, feelings, and memories to stir. How does your body respond?

Summoning and Serving Listen to the song a third time and slowly shift your awareness to a sense of invitation or summoning which rises up from your meditation. How does the call stirring in you meet you in this particular moment of your life? How might you be called into a new awareness or kind of service through this experience?

Slowing and Stilling Release all of the words and images and slow down even more deeply. Allow yourself some time for silence and stillness. Breathe gratitude in and out. Offer a blessing of gratitude for the sweetness of the song, the courage of the musician, and your own sacred attentive listening.
Amhran Na Farraige
(Performed by Lisa Hannigan)



Idir ann is idir as

Idir thuaidh is idir theas

Idir thiar is idir thoir

Idir am is idir áit

As an sliogán

Amhrán na farraige

Suaimhneach ná ciúin

Ag cuardú go damanta

Mo ghrá


Idir gaoth is idir tonn

Idir tuile is idir trá

As an sliogán

Amhrán na Farraige

Suaimhneach nó ciúin

Ag cuardú go damanta


Idir cósta, idir cloch

Idir brí is idir muir

Tá mé i dtiúin



 Between the here, between the now

Between the north, between the south

Between the west, between the east

Between the time, between the place


From the shell

The song of the sea

Neither quiet nor calm

Searching for love again

My love


Between the winds, between the waves

Between the sands, between the shore

From the shell

The song of the sea

Neither quiet nor calm

Searching for love again


Between the stones, between the storm

Between belief, between the sea

I am in tune

Questions for Reflection and Journaling
  • What Lyrics or sounds did you find particularly moving? 
  • What emotions and images stirred in you as you listened in this intentional way? 
  • Did you discover any connections between the song/lyrics and The Buried Moon? If so, what were they? 

Weekly Outline

Mondays: Listening Deeply with Lectio Divina
Tuesday: Spiritual Art Practice
Wednesday: Civic Reflection Journaling
Thursday: Sacred Aesthetic Experience
Friday: Creative Writing Prompt *optional Zoom gathering @ 1 pm EST
Sat/Sun: Time for rest, catching up, and integration

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Creating Space

An essential part of 'retreating' while at home is to create intentional space that feels sacred, designated, and distinct from your ordinary routine. This can be a small corner of your desk, a part of your shelf, a nightstand by your bed, etc. Objects you cherish can help create a special space.
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