The Buried Moon Virtual Spiritual Retreat

Week Two, Day Five
          Our creative writing this week encourages us to get out of own heads and see through a new scope. We will use 'I am' perspective free-writes and visit the story anew through the lens of different characters or elements. Each free-write will be timed to five minutes, so be sure to have a timer or phone handy.  Trying to stay within the 5 minutes is helpful in order for us to discern what is most essential to each of the perspectives we are taking. 
         Just as the view from the mountaintop is drastically different from the base, writing from a vantage point that isn't wholly our own allows us to see new and profound things about the story and ourselves. Engaging our imaginations allows us to be playful and experimental as we dive into this section of the The Buried Moon through different viewpoints. 
"I Am" Perspective Writing
"The Buried Moon" by Edward Duloc
Supplies needed: Candle, Journal, Pen, Timer 

1. Light your Candle and set this time and place apart as retreat space. Take a few moments to breathe and settle in. Holding your pen and journal in your hands, set your intentions for this time of creative writing. 

2. Choose Two Perspectives that you would like to inhabit for your 'I am' free-writes. You could choose the villagers, the lost man, the Moon, the Dark Things, the Bog, The bramble, The pool, or any other elements of the story that have been speaking to you this week. The text for week 2 of The Buried Moon is below if you would like to revisit it in choosing your perspectives. 

3. 'I am' Writing-Character/Element One: choose your first character/element and Write "I am...." at the top of your page and free-write for five minutes. 

4. 'I am' Writing-Character/Element Two: reset your timer and repeat the exercise. Turn a new page, write 'I am..." at the top and spend five minutes free-writing through the perspective of your second character/element. 

5. Dialogue between them: The final part of this exercise is to put these two perspectives in dialogue with one another. Spend five more minutes free-writing and considering: What do they want to say to each other? What do you want to ask them? What questions would they ask you?

6. Quiet Reflection: After furiously writing for 15-20 minutes, give yourself time to sit quietly, breathe deeply, and contemplate internally what you have discovered through this process. 

The Buried Moon
Week 2

      And as she [the moon] stilled herself for a moment, wondering what she might do now, she heard a voice in the distance, calling out in a crusty old voice; and then she heard steps floundering along, squishing in the mud and slipping on the tufts; and finally through the darkness she made out a big white face with bright, frightened eyes. It was a man, and he had strayed off the path and become lost. Spotting the light that flickered out from her cloak as the Moon tried to free herself, he struggled on towards the pool, thinking that the light might mean help and safety. 

      And when the Moon saw that he was coming closer and closer to the deep hole, she fought and fought to free herself, fearing that he too would fall and become trapped in the pool, and maybe even drown. So hard she fought that the black hood fell off her shining white hair, and the beautiful light that spilled out drove away the darkness and the terrors of the night. Oh, the man cried with joy to see the light again, and to see the dark, shadowy Things fleeing back into the dark crevices of the bog, for they couldn’t abide the light. And now finally he could see where he was, and where he needed to be, and so off he ran, back across to the boreen again, finding his way home. He was in such a hurry to get away that he hardly thought to wonder at the source of the light, or to look down at the brave mother Moon, who was so glad to see him safely back on his path that she forgot to call out to him for help. 

     And so again she struggled, thinking how fine it would be to be out of the bog again, pulling and fighting as if she were mad – but still the bramble held tight, and all that she succeeded in doing was spilling the black hood over her face again, so that the light went out and the darkness came back to the bog, and out again crawled the dark Things. With screeches and howls they crowded around the pool, mocking the Moon and snatching and beating at her, shrieking with rage and spite, swearing and snarling. 

      They knew her for their old enemy: the one who drove them away into the dark corners, and kept them from working their wills. And so miserable was the Moon that she crouched down further into the dark pool, cold and shivering and lost. The dark Things fought and squabbled about what they should do with her, till a pale light began to rise in the east, and dawn began to think about breaking. The dark Things saw that they were running out of time, and so all at once they caught hold of the Moon and shoved her even deeper into the pool, and two giant bogles went and found a huge heavy rock and rolled it on top of the pool, to keep her from rising again. And there lay the Moon, buried in the bog, with no hope of help. 

(By Sharon Blackie from If Women Rose Rooted)

Sacred Sharing Circle 
Join us for a Sacred Sharing Circle this afternoon as we connect from all of the corners of the world to process our revelations and inner-stirrings from the second section of the Buried Moon. 
Please feel very welcome to join even if you haven't completed all of the retreat practices!
*We will meet today (Friday) at 1 p.m. EST*
Zoom Link is HERE

We hope you will spend Saturday and Sunday resting, catching up on retreat practices you may have missed, reflecting, and integrating what you have discovered about yourself and the world around you.
Retreat emails will resume on Monday, April 13th. 

Weekly Outline

Mondays: Listening Deeply with Lectio Divina
Tuesday: Spiritual Art Practice
Wednesday: Civic Reflection Journaling
Thursday: Sacred Aesthetic Experience
Friday: Creative Writing Prompt *optional Zoom gathering @ 1 pm EST
Sat/Sun: Time for rest, catching up, and integration

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Creating Space

An essential part of 'retreating' while at home is to create intentional space that feels sacred, designated, and distinct from your ordinary routine. This can be a small corner of your desk, a part of your shelf, a nightstand by your bed, etc. Objects you cherish can help create a special space.
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