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U.S. Stocks Just Posted Best Winning Streak in 25 Years

On Wednesday, all three major U.S. indices DJIAS&P500 & Nasdaq Composite soared to new all time-highs for the 5th straight day. That never happened since January 1992. Trump's promises for huge tax cuts, deregulation and repatriation of overseas cash continue to fuel this market. Keep in mind, due to the Presidents' Day U.S. markets will be closed on Monday.

Friday closing prices for major U.S. indices
DJIA 20624.05 (+1.75% this week)
S&P500 2351.16 (+1.51% this week)
Nasdaq Composite 5838.58 (+1.82% this week)

S&P500 best/worst performers this past week

Mallinckrodt +11.10%                 TripAdvisor -9.50%
Stericycle +10.92%                    Campbell Soup -7.57%
Cerner +9.03%                           Zoetis -5.78%
Endo +8.46%                              Range Resources -5.64%
Analog Devices +7.77%             Freeport-McMoRan -5.63%

DJIA best/worst performers this past week

Cisco +7.08%                            Chevron -2.41%
Pfizer +3.93%                            UnitedHealth -1.95%
Boeing +3.90%                          Exxon Mobil -0.92%
JPMorgan +3.71%                     DuPont +0.36%
Procter & Gamble +3.55%         Verizon +0.43%
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Scutify Sentiment Indicator

The Sentiment Indicator on Scutify closed out the week at 71. It is 15 points lower than record high of 86 reached on February 7, 2017. The number of Scutify users who are waiting for the pullback increased, but overall Scutify community still continues to very bullish. In fact, the Sentiment Indicator is almost at the same level as it was on the last U.S. presidential election day.

A value above 50 indicates overall bullishness of the Scutify community and a value below 50 indicates bearishness.  

Snap IPO on Lower Valuation Than Expected

On Thursday, Snap Inc., the parent company of messaging app Snapchat, officially filled to go public. It has set a valuation for itself between $19.5B - $22.2B, lower than expected earlier - between $20B - $25B. Snap Inc. expects to raise up to $3.2B. Snap Inc. will offer to sell 200M shares in a price range of $14 and $16 per share. Snap Inc. is expected to price IPO on March 1 and start trading from next trading day.

So what do Scutifiers think about Snap Inc. IPO? 

Cody Willard probably would be a buyer of Snap Inc. when it comes public if it's valuation is actually around $25B, but Cody expects that the hype around the IPO could take the first day's valuation to $50B or $60B. In his opinion, Snap Inc. is a pure play on the continuing App Revolution. Read more about it in his article: Snapchat IPO vs Google's IPO vs Facebook's IPO.

James Brumley thinks Facebook is better buy than Snap Inc. Read more about it: Why Facebook Inc (FB) Stock Holders Shouldn't Sweat Snapchat.

Spekoliunas reminds that Facebook trades 3.5x higher after its IPO, while Twitter is down by 35% since IPO. He adds that there is so much negativity about Snap Inc. IPO that it can go down big like Facebook did after IPO (Facebook went down from $38 to as low as $17.55).

Mr.___S believes Snap Inc. needs to reach a greater audience than what currently makes up the majority of its users before it can be compared to Facebook. He thinks it is better to wait and let the hype wash out.

seeking-alfalfa reminds that Snap Inc. is going public at 60x sales and may never be profitable.

Kheang Ly shared the article where Snapchat is considered to be the New TV

What's your opinion on Snap Inc. and its IPO? Join the conversation and share it!
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Question Of The Week

Cody Willard: Who's scared more right now the bulls or the bears?

Here's what Scutifiers think:

Livingston67Ideas Are there any Shorts left......$$$ Don't see how you can short financials or energy..... these two groups should carry this mkt.... Bull MKTS...$$$

Spekoliunas Bears are clearly scared. Their most hated words are "tax cuts". Lots of short covering, + money flow from bonds to stocks, + new money, which were on hold because of election, come to the market on more political certainty in US. This is very strong bull market.

JeffMiller Since all of my fundamental indicators are solid, and our technical models are also positive, I do not see a reason for bulls to be worried. Data can have a comforting effect. When I did my Dow 20K interview with CNBC I said that I expected the next 8-10% to be pretty easy. I also do not think there is much Trump effect built in, besides the general small business feeling that it will be better.

RobertMarcin Well cody, the answer is in. the bears, or those that are left, are more scared. the bulls are as full of themselves as i can remember. that doesnt mean they can be right for a while. but i dont see a lot of upside in the markets from a bottoms up fundamental/valuation basis on most stocks. LIKE COKE. hahaha. speaking of $ko, buffett now big in $aapl. so just now he figures old tech is cheap?!? hahaha

ScottRothbort As I always say, its not a matter of being scared, its a matter of who needs the market to move their way. The bears are in hot water since the 1812 double bottom in the $SPX last year. That is a 30% move against them. They are not scared. They are desperate. - Long $SPO $SPXL

deerpuncher13 Monthly options expiration this week after another big monthly move, can take things higher

seeking-alfalfa Last several years of this market cycle have been notably more similar to late 1990s than the 2003-07 cycle. You have passive indexing mania, passion for speculative growth/concept stocks, high dispersion, underperformance of value strategies, disinflation cycle, etc. Rydex 20-yr chart instructive--no real euphoria in 2006-07 in stocks. 1998-2000 and 2014-2016 euphoric (each punctuated by sharp correction/rebound in middle).

What's your answer? Join the conversation and share your opinion!
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Top Trading Idea of the Week

Robert MarcinSolarEdge is a double in a year

RobertMarcin So here's how $sedg doubles. co mgt insists its revolutionary new Hd Wave product takes big global market share generating revenue growth in 2017. they did $490mm rev and $1.66 eps. lets say they grow 10% for $540mm and $1.85. This means strong sequential rev and eps growth all year. And obliterates the china inc kills sedg story.

RobertMarcin So this time next year $sedg will have an 2018 forecast of $2.15 and another 10% top line growth as the company expands into the commercial and utility markets with their HD Wave technology opening up big new revenue streams. a double digit top/bottom line grower, category killer in solar industry, and the only real profitable solar co in US market, will have a 15-20 p/e in this kind of market. that p/e on my 2018 est gives me a $33-$42 stock in a year. Ride the HD Wave!

SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. is a global leader in PV inverters, power optimizers, and module-level monitoring services. On 14th of February, SolarEdge announced its quarterly financial results. 

Q2 2017:
Revenue of $111.5M
EPS of $0.32
Gross margin of 35.0% (Record high)

Next quarter guidance:
Revenue between $110M - $120M
Gross margins between 31% - 33%

Here is how Scutifiers reacted to SolarEdge results:

RobertMarcin some very good numbers from $sedg after hours! HUGE GROSS MARGINS! HUGE FREE CASH FLOW! Huge cash horde on balance sheet now. and the company stated its confidence in growing sales and profits this year. as i posted before, if they grow revs and eps this calendar year the stock will hit $25-$30 per share in a year. yes, the stock is that cheap. and its the ONLY PROFITABLE, GROWTH SOLAR STOCK IN THE WORLD.

RobertMarcin #CODY, I hope you got your position established. the shorts will now get CRUSHED IN $SEDG. 50% of the float is short.

Spekoliunas Revenue miss, but EPS beat with better than expected gross margins and next quarter guidance. Cash position grew by 8.5% Q/Q. Now $SEDG cash is 35% of market cap, no debt. If they continue to grow its cash pile at the same rate in 1 year, they will have close to 50% of the market cap in cash. Insane!
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Top 10 Most Popular Stocks

  1. Exelixis Inc ($EXEL)
  2. Cannabis Science Inc ($CBIS)
  3. GOLD ($GOLD)
  4. Nvidia Corp ($NVDA)
  5. Aegion Corp ($AEGN)
  6. Hemp Inc ($HEMP)
  7. Facebook Inc ($FB)
  8. Tesla Motors ($TSLA)
  9. Calgon Carbon ($CCC)
  10. Exact Sciences Corporation ($EXAS)

Scutify Trending 100 Stocks

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Despite strong numbers, Twilio stock is up just 5% since its earnings announcement and shares are still down 44% in six months. Shares appear undervalued relative to the company’s growth potential. What’s more, investors continue to overlook the fact that, during the fourth quarter, Twilio not only launched an array of new voice call connection and recording tools, but also acquired Swedish SMS provider Beepsend.

Closing the Deal With Time Warner Inc (TWX) Is a Must for AT&T Inc. (T)

As wireless telecom service increasingly becomes a commodity and, as a result, becomes less profitable, what’s AT&T to do to rekindle growth? Whether it’s the best use of time and money remains to be seen, but the telecom giant believes the acquisition of video and music company Time Warner is the next best step.

How Facebook Inc (FB) Stock Can Deliver More Free Profits

I have had a good run of trades with Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), typically because I go long into swoons. Instead of tying up sizable capital owning Facebook stock, I use the options markets to capture the upside opportunities. The company boasts more than a billion users in an exciting arena, so Facebook stock should sustain a rosy long-term outlook.

Nokia Corp (ADR) (NOK) Stock Is No Longer a Good Bet

With Nokia stock climbing some 21% over the last three months, these shares are no longer a bargain. Based on Wednesday’s closing price of $5 NOK stock is priced at 21 times fiscal 2017 earnings-per-share estimates of 24 cents. Not only is that two points above the S&P 500 index, it also implies flat earnings growth year-over-year. And while Nokia stock does pay a 5.7% annual dividend yield, the opportunity cost of being stuck in these shares instead of, say, AAPL, isn’t worth the risk for a stock that hasn’t seen $10 in six years. In short, while the 3310 handset might be popular, it’s no lifeline.

Popular Headlnes This Past Week


SoftBank is reportedly making another run at T-Mobile — and T-Mobile is up 4% 

- Kraft Heinz bids $143 billion for Unilever in global brand grab

- Analysts say it's too early to give up on Cisco stock, despite $CSCO's 5 straight quarters of shrinking revenue

- This venture firm produced one of the first detailed equity research reports on Snap Inc.

- Sell Tesla on solar and Model 3 earnings risks, UBS says

- Kudlow to NewsmaxTV: Trump Needs Quick Tax Cut to Score Political Points

- Ron Baron, Uber Tesla Bull, Thinks His Investment Will Quadruple By 2020  $TSLA 

- Earnings: How's Consumer Spending Impacting Macy's, Wal-Mart And Home Depot Earnings?  $AMZN $HD $M $WMT $TRI

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New Executive Order: Big Changes for Retirees

President Trump recently signed an executive order that could help to preserve one of America's most powerful tax havens. It's 100% legal. And for many, it's helping them become millionaires. But, on April 10, 2017 a set of controversial regulations are scheduled to take effect, which according to the Wall Street Journal "could cost American savers $80 billion." If you have any type of retirement account, it's critical you understand what's about to take place. Click here to learn more...
Week Ahead: February 20 - February 24, 2017
The Week Ahead (February 20 - February 24)
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Notable Earnings This Week

Medtronic $MDT, Wal-Mart Stores $WMT, Tesla $TSLA and Baidu $BIDU are some of the more notable companies reporting earnings this week. See below for more.

.....Happy trading from the team at Scutify.

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