10 Things We're Reading This Week
When deep learning meets genome biology - David Beyer, O'Reilly Ideas

The evolution of esports: From the fringes to front and center - Deborah Bothun and Matthew Liebermann, PWC Consumer Intelligence series

Is the feed dying? - Casey Johnston, NYMag Select/All

What books can learn from the web (and vice versa) - Hugh McGuire, Medium

The case against reality - Amanda Gefter on Donald Hoffman, Atlantic 

How we created a program with RNNs to write Full House episodes - Joe Veix, NYMag Select/All

A survey of 'robotic musicianship' - Mason Bretan & Gil Weinberg, Communications of the ACM

Thoughts on AI & moral decisionmaking - Adam Elkus

How some actions that boost EPS don't create value for shareholdersObi Ezekoye, Tim Koller, and Ankit Mittal, McKinsey & Company

Is it time to rename capitalism? - James Pethokoukis, The Week
Productivity (measurement) problems
So... the trouble with GDP - The Economist

Technology vs. the distribution of workers in aggregate productivity - Dietrich Vollrath

3 theories for why productivity is weak - Neil Irwin, New York Times The Upshot

Could rising wages caused by changes in demography end the 'productivity slump'? - Toby Nangle, Financial Times Alphaville 

The 'post-productive economy' - Kevin Kelly 

'Long-term technological waves' and what we learn from Schumpeterian growth theory - Philippe Aghion, Ufuk Akcigit, and Peter Howitt, NBER Working Paper Series
Link & archives roundup: Big company innovation
Rate vs magnitude of adoption: what analysts get wrong about innovation - Andy Rachleff, Wealthfront

How small fish (almost) always eat big fish in tech markets - Mark Leslie/ 'Leslie's Law', GSB Insights

Creator & manager roles and conditions for 'creative forecasting' in organizations - Justin Berg, Administrative Science Quarterly 

Innovating at scale: How companies can avoid the innovator's dilemma - Arjun Sethi, Medium | Backchannel (June 2015)

5 ways to compete with big incumbents (or overcome 'the stack fallacy') - Steven Sinofsky, Medium

Lessons from a decade of IT failures - IEEE Spectrum 

Does your business look to the future or just defend the present? - Robert Wolcott, Harvard Business Review

The cloud, internet of things, memory, and FPGA - Brian Krzanich, Intel 'Our strategy and future' (April 2016)

From a mobile-first to an AI-first world - Sundar Pichai, Google Founders' Letter (April 2016)

GPU-accelerated computing changing the world - Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA GTC2016

Examining Amazon's innovation portfolio approach - Hutch Carpenter

AT&T tells its workers to adapt for the cloud... or else - Quentin Hardy, New York Times (February 2016)

The end of conglomerates? For G.E., breaking up is hard to do - Geoff Colvin, Fortune (August 2015)

How Cisco stays ahead of technology shifts - John Chambers, Harvard Business Review (May 2015)
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