with Marc Andreessen and Reed Hastings
It's very easy to imagine an alternative scenario where Netflix got disrupted by some other streaming-content company that made its (then) core DVD rental business irrelevant. What actually happened is that the company disrupted itself, and CEO and co-founder Reed Hastings shares how -- from the origin story and lessons learned, to thoughts on the future of entertainment and the industry ecosystem. But for staying ahead of the competition, he argues, we need more sophisticated metaphors than "only the paranoid survive"... why?
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by Jeff Jordan
The holy grail of performance marketing to consumers remains elusive -- many CPG brands, for example, are still guessing in the dark about what people are actually doing. But now, thanks to the rise of social commerce, promotional transparency, and experiential shopping, brands and consumers have a more direct connection; unprecedented access to data (finally!); and the ability to capture more value. Companies won't have to waste half their money on advertising when knowing their customers becomes more science than art. 
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with Sharon Chang, Mark Cranney, Stacy D'Amico, Michael King, Aneel Lakhani, Kim Milosevich, and Margit Wennmachers
“Punch above your weight”: If there’s one thing public relations should help startups and founders do, it’s that. Unfortunately, some companies are actually punching below their weight if nobody knows about their otherwise strong product (or worse, others define them before they can define themselves). And then at the other extreme is becoming a hype machine, or managing crises badly -- that's why doing PR right matters. So what then of analyst relations (which is very different from PR)? And how does all this connect to sales and the bottom line? 
with Ben Horowitz and Jason Rosenthal
The hardest thing about major shifts in company/product direction isn’t just the actual pivot -- it’s the courage to make the decision… and being honest with yourself as the company leader. Especially since you’re the only one in the position to synthesize all the knowledge around you. So how do you know when things are working, that your company really does have product-market fit? And where does culture come in?
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with Martin Casado, Connie Chan, Frank Chen, Mathew Colford, Benedict Evans, Peter Levine, Vijay Pande, Alex Rampell, Matt Spence, Angela Strange, Ted Ullyot, Malinka Walaliyadde, et al
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