by Sonal Chokshi, Chris Dixon, Denis Nazarov, Jesse Walden, Ali Yahya
Here’s a list of crypto readings and resources, organized from building blocks and basics; foundations (& history); and key concepts -- followed by specific topics such as governance; privacy and security; scaling; consensus; cryptoeconomics and investing; fundraising and token distribution; decentralized exchanges; stablecoins; and cryptoeconomic primitives (crytocollectibles, curation markets, games). We also included a section with developer tutorials, practical guides, and maker stories -- as well as other resources, such as newsletters and courses, at the end.
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 'Why decentralization matters'
with John Collison and Alex Rampell
The battle between every startup and incumbent comes down to "whether the startup gets distribution before the incumbent gets innovation", oft observes a16z's Rampell. But how does this play out when most of the players, big and small, think the innovation is already "done" in a particular space? What if the customers simply "did not exist" yet? This episode of the a16z Podcast explores these questions -- given the evolution of the broader payments processing landscape over the past four decades -- through the case study of Stripe. 
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by Frank Chen
The story of technology is not unlike what often happens in dramatic stories and plays, where a “deus ex machina” or character drops down magically from the skies onto our world stage. But in reality, technology never comes so suddenly, or in such an isolated manner: There’s an entire ecosystem that grows up around, and is required, for it all to work. In the case of autonomy and self-driving cars, discussions focus so much on the tangible artifact -- the car itself -- but so much more will change beyond the car… 
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  1. The Autonomy Ecosystem: Where and How It Begins (Introduction)
  2. Public Infrastructure
  3. The Value Chain
  4. Energy
  5. Finance
  6. Justice Systems
  7. Shopping
  8. The Autonomy Ecosystem: But When? (Conclusion)
with Lee Kleinman, Andrew Savage, Joshua Schank, and Hanne Tidnam
There’s a new wave of bike-sharing in town... and this wave looks a little different than previous waves -- from docked rows of government-funded bikes to dockless fleets of bicycles where users can find and unlock bikes anywhere through an app. But what can we learn from successes and failures in bike-sharing, and what are the challenges in making it a real, viable transport option? What does bike-sharing data reveal about human travel patterns? And how might dockless bike-sharing change, and maybe even reshape, cities of the future?
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with Charles Koch & Marc Andreessen; Ted Sarandos & Marc Andreessen
Whether it's an over 75-year-old private business that began in oil or a 20-year-old public company that began in the dotcom era, the questions (and even some answers) around betting on business change are surprisingly similar. How do you know where to go next, and when? How does it all work in practice, from company values to company culture? How do you make decisions about the risk/reward tradeoffs, especially when betting on unproven talent? Andreessen explores all this and more in these two podcast episodes based on recent a16z Summit conversations: with Charles Koch, chairman and CEO of Koch Industries; and with Ted Sarandos, chief content officer at Netflix.
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